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The Board of Trustees is responsible for the management and administration of the Students' Union and (subject to the Education Act, these Articles and the Schedules) may exercise all the powers of the Union. The Board’s powers include but are not limited to responsibility for: the governance of the Union; the budget of the Union; and the strategy of the Union.

The current membership of the Board of Trustees for the academic year 2020/21 is:

Chair of Trustee Board:

Kayla Megan Burns, appointed to June 2021


Executive Members (elected by membership):

Ru Wallace, appointed to June 2021
Chelbi Hillan, appointed to June 2021
Eilidh Sneddon, appointed to June 2021
Rachel Cairns, appointed to June 2021
Benn Rapson, appointed to June 2021

Student Trustees:

  • Lauryn Reid
  • Sissi Lehto
  • Stephen Ugwuanyi
  • Amine Belabbes
  • Daniel Dunn


External Trustees:

  • Colin McNab
  • Mhairi Maguire
  • Les Gaw
  • Paul Bradley


Attending - the following staff of the Union normally attend meetings of the Trustee Board or its related committees:
  • Chief Executive - Manish Joshi
  • Executive Assistant - Katie Bharaj
  • Deputy Chief Executive (Finance Audit and Risk committee) - Emma Fair

As a result of the 2015/16 Financial management and organisational review, the following University of Strathclyde staff normally attends Strathclyde Students' Union Trustee Board business meetings:
  • University Observer - Gill Watt (or University nominee)