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Minutes of our 2020/21 General Meetings are:

GM1: 7th September 2020 5pm - 6pm Zoom Minutes

GM1 PowerPoint 

GM2: 27th October 2020 5pm - 6pm Zoom Minutes 

GM2 PowerPoint 

GM3: 3rd February 2021 4pm - 5pm 

AGM: 11th March 2021 5pm - 6pm 

Minutes of our 2019/20 General Meetings are:

GM1: 7th October 2019, 5pm – 7pm Vertigo

GM2: 11th November 2019, 5pm – 7pm Vertigo

GM3: 27th January 2020, 5pm – 7pm Vertigo

AGM: 9th March 2020, 5pm – 7pm Vertigo

Please click on the dates to access the Minutes from these meetings.