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Strath Union Clubs & Societies Constitution 


1.  Definition and Remit

As outlined in the University of Strathclyde Students Association’s constitution the Union shall provide Clubs and Societies.

2.  Aims, Objectives, Purpose and Values

a.  Clubs and Societies aims to:

i.   Increase involvement and participation of students in their Association;

ii.   Facilitate and support the bringing together of like minded students with common interests and/or beliefs thereby providing a platform for social engagement;

iii.   Provide opportunities for personal development;

iv.   Create a sense of belonging and community;

v.   Be open and accessible to all students;


b.  We will do this by:

i.   Providing a robust structure of support to ensure clubs and societies can achieve their aims and objectives and to realise their potential;

ii.   This includes but is not limited to financial support, officer and staff support, resources and training;

iii.   The effective communication of opportunities available to the wider student body.


c.   Clubs and Societies will:

i. run alongside Strath Union and operated under its policies and procedures, including but not limited to the Constitution, Standing Policies and Equal Opportunities Policy.


3.  Clubs and Societies Executive Committee

a.  The Clubs and Societies Executive shall consist of:

i.   Vice President Community

ii. 6 elected Student Committee Members


b.  The members of the Clubs and Societies Executive, with the exception of the Vice President Community, shall be elected by the Clubs and Societies Annual General Meeting each year;


c.  Clubs and Societies Executive members will take office for one year usually in line with academic calendar;


d.  Any unfilled positions shall be open for election at the next Clubs and Societies General Meeting and take office immediately upon election until the end of the academic year;


e.  The Clubs and Societies Executive Committee will meet frequently throughout the academic year;


f.   Minutes will be kept of all meetings of the Clubs and Societies Executive Committee and these minutes will be presented for information to the next General meeting or Annual General Meeting of Clubs and Societies;


g.  Thereafter they will form part of the minutes of that meeting which will be available to any Club or Society representative;


h.  Any member of the Clubs and Societies Executive Committee absent without apologies from two consecutive meetings may be deemed to have resigned;


i.  Any member of the Clubs and Societies Executive Committee (with the exception of the Vice President Community) wishing to resign may do so only on giving written notice to the Clubs and Societies Executive Committee;


j.   The Clubs and Societies Executive Committee have the power to approve affiliations and make decisions on the allocation of funding.


4.  Remits of (Committee Members)

a.  General Executive Duties

i.   Attend all Clubs and Societies General Meetings, Annual General Meetings and Clubs Executive Committee meetings unless apologies are given in advance;

ii.   Ensure policy of the Association is adhered to;

iii.   Be available to assist and support representatives of clubs and societies in a day to day context;

iv.   Provide support and development for affiliated clubs and societies;

v.   Support decision making on behalf of clubs and societies;

vi.   Be aware of, communicate to clubs and societies and operate around the financial procedures of clubs and societies;

vii.   Attend meetings, training and events that relate to their role;

viii.   Shared/rolling responsibilities of main executive tasks.


b.  Vice President Community, in accordance with the Association Constitution:

i.   Act as Clubs & Societies Committee chair;

ii.   Be responsible for the promotion of societies and student activities amongst the student body and ensure widened access, with the aim of encouraging increased participation;

iii.   Provide assistance, support and guidance to Strath Union Club Executive Committee members, who are part of the wider volunteer community, and provide them with the means to effectively carry out their roles;

iv.   Lead on policy development and implementation with regards to volunteering, involvement, and student development;

v.   Ensure that an effective strategy is in place for recruitment, retention, and reward, of student volunteers;

vi.   Actively promote the benefits of student activity and volunteering, and be responsible for its strategic direction;

vii.   Promote opportunities for personal development of members through extra and co-curricular activities.


5.  Clubs and Societies General Meetings

a.  Clubs and Societies General Meetings shall be open to all members of affiliated clubs and societies, and the Clubs and Societies Executive.


b.  Voting members shall consist of the Clubs and Societies Executive Committee and one representative of each affiliated club and society who will each have one vote per society; if an attendee is a member of more than one society’s committee they are still only entitled to a single vote.


c.  Details of all meetings should be communicated effectively to each club and societies’ primary contact via e-mail in advance of the meeting. It is however the responsibility of individual clubs and societies to inform the Executive Committee of any changes to contact information.


d.  All affiliated clubs and societies should have a representative present at all General Meetings; failure to attend without apologies will result in appropriate action by Clubs and Societies Executive until adequate communication has been achieved. This could result in freezing bank accounts, removal of room booking privileges, loss of free printing, and/or prohibition from requesting grant funding.


e.  There shall be an Annual General Meeting of Clubs and Societies which must take place before the end of the academic year.


f.   An Extraordinary General Meeting can be called at the request of a) one third of the Clubs and Societies Executive Committee or b) one third of the total affiliated clubs and societies.


g.   The Clubs and Societies Executive shall report to and be accountable to the Clubs and Societies General Meeting.


6.  Financial Regulations

a.  General

i.   All affiliated clubs and Societies will be provided with a bank account within the Association for which to manage their accounts. Clubs and Societies are not permitted to hold bank accounts out with the Association.

ii.   While Clubs and Societies are encouraged to seek external funding they may not accept funding or support from any organisation or individual blacklisted or otherwise boycotted by existing Association Policy, nor attend their events or distribute their materials.


b.  Funding

i.   Clubs and Societies can apply for funding from the Union in line with grant guidelines.

ii.   Funding requests will be granted by the Clubs and Societies Executive Committee.

iii.   Funding is restricted to that which is stipulated in the grant guidelines. The grant guidelines may be revised by the Clubs and Societies Executive Committee at any time. Changes may be made by a simple majority of the Clubs and Societies Executive Committee. When changes are made to the Grant Guidelines, the Clubs and Societies Executive Committee must notify the membership of Clubs and Societies ideally within a week of the changes being made.

iv.   The Clubs and Societies budget is subject to part-funding standards which must be considered before applying:

1.  Student groups with savings must justify why this money is not being utilised before requesting grant funding.

2.  Student groups must provide evidence that they are seeking other funding sources and that the whole cost of the event is not being requested in their application.


7.  Discipline

All issues regarding discipline should be referred to the Strath Union Discipline Policy.


8.  Affiliations

a.  Applying for affiliation

To become affiliated to the Union a club or society must:

i.   Agree to abide by this constitution and Strath Union principles;

ii.   Submit a President and Treasurer who will form the group’s initial committee (with other committee positions being added as created);

iii.   Submit the relevant information that must include aims and objectives. The aims and objectives outlined must not overlap with any other part of Strath Union, or another club or society;

iv.   Submit links to all social media accounts owned by the group.


b.  Applications for affiliation will be presented to, discussed and will be approved or disapproved at the Clubs and Societies Executive Committee.

i.   Applications for affiliation may be rejected by the Clubs and Societies Executive Committee where there is clear evidence that the applicant’s affiliation (as determined by their aims and objectives and their name) is in direct conflict with Union policy, or their aims and objectives overlap with other clubs and societies, or parts of Strath Union. This will be subject to a simple majority.

ii.  The Clubs and Societies Executive Committee reserve the right to defer a decision on an application request to a later meeting in circumstances where there is a need for more information.


c.   Membership for affiliated Clubs and Societies

i.   Membership of all clubs and societies is open to all members of the Union, with no condition of membership unless in reference to a Liberation Group. 

ii.   Membership of Clubs and Societies must consist of a minimum of 75% Student or Associate members of the Association.

iii.   Clubs and societies may ask for membership fees where they deem them to be appropriate or necessary for their activities, however such fees are not mandatory and clubs and societies are free not to request them.  If they are requested, such funds will be placed in the society’s savings account and can be spent by the society, so long as expenditure does not breach Union policy. Membership fees are non-refundable unless agreed by the Club or Society President.

iv.   It is the responsibility of each Club and Society to make members aware of their aims, objectives and this constitution. It is the responsibility of every member to agree with and abide by these and Strath Union policy. 

v.   All committee members of Clubs and Societies must be Student Members of the Union unless a Club or Society’s AGM specifically chooses to create and elect a Development Officer.

vi.   The Development Officer must be a former committee member and no longer a Student member of the Union, and they must possess a Strath Union Life Membership. They will act in an advisory capacity but can be delegated additional responsibility by their Club or Society, as they see fit, not including access to Club or Society finances or room bookings.

vii. Clubs and Societies have responsibility for the operation of any event they run, as well as the conduct of all attendees including non-Strathclyde guests.


d.  Withdrawal of affiliation

i.   The President and Treasurer in agreement with the existing members of their club or society may choose to disaffiliate at any time.

ii.   The Vice President Community must be notified and the disaffiliation will be presented for information at the next Clubs and Societies Executive Committee and will take effect from that time.

iii.   Any monies remaining in the Club or Societies account will be transferred to the Clubs and Societies general account.

iv.   Clubs and Societies considered to be ‘inactive’ will be presented to the Clubs and Societies Executive at the last meeting of each semester and will be automatically disaffiliated.

v.   A club or society will be deemed to be ‘inactive’ if they:

1.  Miss two General Meetings without apologies.

2.  Are not in contact with any member of the executive committee or a staff member for a minimum of 12 term-time weeks.

vi.   Affiliation can be withdrawn by the Clubs and Societies Executive Committee when evidence shows that an affiliated group has breached Union policy. This will be subject to a qualified majority vote of committee members and such decisions can be appealed by the club or society at the next scheduled Clubs and Societies General Meeting or AGM.


e.  Balls and Grad Ball Societies

i.   These societies are those which exist only to organise Balls and Grad Balls.

ii.   These societies are able to affiliate without submitting an application to the Clubs and Societies Executive Committee.

iii.   The services these societies are entitled to use are the Union’s banking and invoicing services, administrative functions and room booking for meetings.

iv.   They are not entitled to grant funding, a welcome meeting grant, or free printing.


f.   Excursions

If a society is running an event off campus, they are responsible for all attendees. They must submit the following documents to Student Opportunities team in the Union:

i.    Risk Assessment;

ii.   Trip Authorisation Form;

iii.   Itinerary (for international excursions only);

iv.   Student Declarations must be provided before attending at the discretion of the trip organisers (international excursions only);

v.   List of attendees submitted to staff (international excursions only).


9.    Charity Donations

The University of Strathclyde Student’s Union is a charity recognised by OSCR (the independent regulator and register for Scottish Charities) and under charity law, a charity cannot donate funds to another. If a club or society wishes to donate funds or proceeds from events, this money must go through the Raise and Give (RAG) society. A charity donation form must be filled in and monies transferred by Student’s Union staff.


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