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  • StrathScuba Standard Membership£50.00

We are a Scottish Sub Aqua Club (SCOTSAC) open to all Strathclyde University students, staff, alumni and non-university members also. We are in a partnership with the Scottish Dive Centre, based at Pinkston Watersports Centre, who are a PADI registered training facility.

If wanting to join the club and you have no qualifications or anything less than PADI Advanced qualifications, we will ask you to train up to Advanced PADI through the Scottish Dive Centre. Also, if you are PADI Advanced and have learned in a hot water climate, we will also refer you to the centre where they will cross you over to cold water diving and give you dry-suit training. Costs are involved with this and you will be able to discuss this if interested. If you're unable to pay, then you may be able to apply to the the Students' Union Participation Fund for help with this cost. If you are only going to be in Scotland for a short while, then it is best you continue with the PADI certification. If remaining in Scotland for a while, then once up to the Advanced level, you can cross over to ScotSAC Sports Diver with a little training, being a lot cheaper than continuing to PADI rescue qualification.

For anyone who has dive qualifications, each will be looked at on an individual basis and crossed over to the equivalent ScotSAC qualification. 

If initially joining the club, you can message any of the committee through this page who will respond promptly. Once you have joined the club you will then be added to the private page for club members.

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