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We are the Strathclyde Jewish and Clumsy Society.

Our Aims are:

1. To find other Jewish people at Strathclyde. There is a Muslim, Hinduism and Christian society, but we aren't finding our people at this university, thus we want a community where all the Jewish people feel welcome.

2. In addition to being a Jewish society, we will also represent all those that live their life being clumsy. Ever spilled tea all over someone's lap? Tripped in front of your entire lecture group? This will be a society where we can gather and not feel as alone in our clumsy ways.

3. Being an inclusive and welcoming society is our main aim. We want to teach people about the values of a Jewish community, share our food and culture. In addition, we aim to be a gathering point for all those that are clumsily aligned. Our president is both Jewish and clumsy, but we'll accept both of those that are Jewish and those that are clumsy, no matter if you're Jewish or just clumsy.

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