Welcome to the Wee Story Society!

We are Strathclyde's prose-focused creative writing society.

Come along to engage with other writers - write new prose, share, read, and discuss the existential dread that comes hand in hand with writer's block.

The WSS is a 1-year-old society and we pride ourselves on accepting anyone and everyone, of all backgrounds and levels of experience. Whether you've never written creatively before and you're interested in doing so, or you've been scribbling since you could hold a pen, all are welcome. Come and connect with fellow writers and learn something new. We aim to give emerging writers an encouraging and supportive environment, where we can feel that our stories are being heard. 

How will we function this year due to Covid-19?       Due to covid, the Wee Story Society cannot function as it did last year. However we still promise to provide the same core space as we have previously - one where members can share their creative writing and develop their skills in a fun, safe and supportive environment.      his year, instead of in person meetings, we will hold zoom meetings once a month to share work, discuss prompts and socialise. To sign up please see our events page on the Strathclyde Union website.  We will also have a google drive folder which will be open to members throughout the semester. Here you can share your own work and read the work of others.  Finally, we will be publishing writing (with the author's permission) on this instagram page, so make sure you’re following us to stay up to date!

Our meetings will function slightly differently this year - we will meet on zoom once a month (please see our events page to sign up) to socialise, share prompts, and discuss work. We have a Google Drive folder which will be open to members throughout the semester where you can share your own work and read the work of other members, ready for the zoom meeting. We will also publish work (with the author's permission) on our Instagram page sporadically, so make sure to give us a wee follow! 

Meet the team!President - Alessandra  I’m in the final year of my BA (Hons) in English Literature and French here at Strathclyde. I spent last year teaching English in France and I’m excited to get back into uni life.   I love writing, Growing up in the north-east, my work tends to centre around the sea, however I’m looking forward to being inspired to branch out by the WSS.   I’m always happy to read work, offer advice and constructive criticism. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch!             Vice-President/Treasurer - Clare  I’m currently studying for a Master of Research in English at Strathclyde having just finished my BA (Hons) in English here last year.   Although I’m not the most accomplished short story writer ever, I love reading them, especially work which deals closely with gender, mental health, psychology and relationships.   I’m a bit obsessed with copy-editing so I’m always happy to help read over anyone’s work or offer advice, just let me know!

We also will be aiming to have more established writers come in to give talks and hold Q&A's - last year we had Chris McQueer come in and chat to us about his writing process and do a reading, however, this will be slightly different this year as the society will operate completely online. More details about these events will be announced when we know them.