Welcome to the Meditation Society!

UPDATE: Due to COVID-19 our sessions are no longer meeting in person but make sure to follow our socials linked below for more information on how to be a part of our society. Engage with our tips, let us know how you get on and request different ideas for videos, we'd love to know. 

We are a society at Strathclyde of student led meditation sessions where anyone can learn to meditate or become less of a stress head. We meet once a week in Livingston Tower room 401, floor 4, for various meditation sessions including different types of meditation and mindfulness exercises. This can be especially useful around exam and assignment deadlines because its important to relax a bit or at least know how to. 

Our aims are to teach people how to meditate well and make it a part of their lives (we'd all be so stress free). To create a warm, friendly, welcoming society, stress free to be a part of and stress free to join. To let students reap the rewards of making meditation a part of your life. 

We also plan in the near future to have socials and other club events, so come along to be part of the planning of this too!

Anyone can meditate, why not start?


Meditation Society.