We are a BRAND NEW! Would you like to be a part of the start of something amazing? Become one of the founding members and help us build this society into something special!

Here at Growth Network we are all about helping you! We understand that University can be difficult, stressful and sometimes overwhelming. 

From our own experiences we want to help make University life that little bit less difficult. We are not subject specific. We look forward to welcoming all minds! 

Our sole purpose is to create a society or group where people can come and help one another, whether this be with actual work, or by just giving each other small tips to help organise their time and work. We want to create a group where like minded individuals can help one another but also bring fourth our own experiences, knowledge and outside resources to help you reach your potential. 


We aim to help students through group discussions, guest speakers and hopefully providing opportunities to connect with future employers. The Growth Netwrok isn't just a society, we are a lifestyle initiative looking to open your eyes to small changes you can make to realise your potential. An integral part of who we are and what we want to achieve is a sense of community. Our group discussions will hopefully bring members together but only if members properly contribute and want to better themselves.