We meet every Thursday starting up again on the 24th of September on Zoom at 6pm. To join please request to follow our page on Facebook where the zoom deatils will be held.  If you have an interest in anime or just want a more relaxed society to join, feel free to come along!

Welcome Event


Our welcome event will be held on the 17th of September over Zoom so feel free to pop in and have a chat. Just head to our Facebook group for details.

This semester will be very different from any other semester we have had but we are lucky that our main activity will not be affected (watching anime). When we return to normal we will have out weekly Todd's visits and our hilarious nights out again, but for now we will make the most of our time by waching our favourite anime shows.


This semester...


We will be watching four shows: Paracyte (24 episodes); Kaguya-sama: Love is War (12 episodes); No Game No Life (12 episodes) and Angel Beats (13 episodes)

A few zoom meetings here, a few zoom socials there, and hey presto you've got yourself a lockdown friendly society!

Meet the Committee...


The best way to keep up to date is through our facebook page.

Our Socials


In previous Semesters we've held Nerdfest collaborations with other nerdy societies, karaoke nights out and day-trips.

(Usual post society meeting, drinks at Todd's)

(day trip to Dundee for Comic-con)

(Photo Scavanger Hunt around Glasgow)

We hope to see loads of new faces this year, everyone is welcome :)