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Learn to brew your own beer, join us on socials to taste a variety of crafty pints and take part in our yearly brew at a local brewery.

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We'll be back in the new year with new events! See you there. 

Starter Kits

If you're looking for a complete starter kit, recipe kit included, have a look at Glenbrew's starter kit.

If you are interested in fermenting multiple brews simultaneously or going for secondary fermentation, Brewstore's starter kit is ideal.

About the Society

  • Learn how to brew beer and wine for less than commercial drinks.
  • Meet like-minded brewers from across the University.
  • Join flat crawls, taste members’ homebrew and bring your own.
  • Join brew days at professional breweries - brewery this year TBD (Drygate last year).
  • Regular meetings at craft pubs in Glasgow.
  • Relax from studying with good beer and good company.
  • Join informative meetings with our committee to learn how to brew at different levels.

Cheers from the Strathclyde Brewing Society!


Yearly brews at professional breweries


Malt Added to kettle

At no extra cost, we offer the chance to all our members to take part in a brew day and/or bottling day at a Scottish commercial brewery (past breweries include Stewart Brewing and Drygate). The labels for the bottles are also designed by society members. Once they are finished, the society holds a social where all members are welcome to come along and drink the beer.

Guinea Pig IPA
Guinea Pig IPA on tap in the Union (2017)
Woky Willy's stout
Wonky Willy's chocolate milk stout (2018)
Pale Ale
Pale Ale (2019)
Black Adder Stout
Black Adder black IPA (2020)