Join in to make friends and become a part of something potentially life changing! This society is for students/staff who are vegan, vegetarian or are interested in this lifestyle. Membership - free!

Are you a Vegan? A vegetarian? Or interested in veganism?       

Are you an undergraduate/postgraduate/lecturer/professor at Strathclyde University?     

Do you want to meet like-minded people? 


What is the Strathclyde Vegan Society (SVS) about?

It is for students/staff who are vegan, vegetarian or are interested in this lifestyle and would like to participate in creating activities that promote veganism. Events include potlucks, vegan product taster sessions, documentaries/films, socials, attending vegan events, activism workshops. 


How to become a member?

Join our fb group where we post our upcoming events and discussions. Send an email to the president, stating your registration number. Membership is free; You are welcome to join at anytime!

How to become a committee member? 

Send an email to the president. Let us know your skills such as organisation, events planning, and we will find an applicable role. 


Want to learn more? Highly recommended documentaries to watch below;

  • What the Health? (2017): Looks at the Pharmaceutical Industries, and the health impacts of animal consumption.
  • Cowspiracy (2014): Looks at the environmental impacts of animal consumption.
  • Earthlings (2005): US based. Hidden footage showing the horrific day-to-day practices of what happens in the Livestock Industry. Warning - this may trigger/upset viewers especially since it includes footage of animal cruelty.

Not convinced that this happens here in the UK? Watch this;

  • Land of Hope and Glory (2017): Includes recent footage from the Livestock Industry from various sites in the UK.


Where can I eat in Glasgow?

Glasgow is one of the most vegan-friendliest cities in the UK alone. Increasingly restaurant chains and supermarkets are bringing out more vegan options and ranges on their menus and prodcuts. Discover all the vegan restaurants and cafes here in Glasgow; https://www.happycow.net/searchmap?lat=&lng=&location=glasgow