Strathclyde Trading & Portfolio Management Society (STPMS) is a student-led initiative that represents an opportunity for whoever is interested in financial markets or wants to land a job in finan

The Strathclyde Trading & Portfolio Management Society (STPMS) is a student-led initiative created at Strathclyde University. The club was formed by undergraduate students that seek to extend Strathclyde's excellence in Finance to the rest of the university. STPMS represents an opportunity for students who are interested in financial markets and want to bring the real experience of investing to the university. The group manages a real portfolio of assets, applying state-of-the-art risk models alongside with equity valuations and macroeconomic analysis. Students will benefit from first-hand contact with industry professionals and develop long-term relationships with all the main market operators such as banks or asset management firms. We will also provide support such during the application process increasing the opportunities of our members to land a job in the investment banking, consulting or accounting fields. Membership is highly selective. We will hold recruitment sessions throughout the year in which we will select the most bright and motivated people in Strathclyde. For any further information, please send an e-mail to:

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