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Strathclyde Biomedical Sciences Society

Here at the Biomedical Sciences Society our focus is networking across all years and all disciplines of biomedical science.    


We provide students who have an interest in the Biomedical Sciences with a society that aims to encourage this enthusiasm as well as organise opportunities to meet other people on your course/with the same interests.

We encourage a tight knit SIPBS community by organising events that allows people in different years to mix with each other as well as opportunities to engage with staff.

We organise study sessions with groups from different year groups to help advise and encourage each other through our studies.


As a society we understand how difficult starting university can be, which is why we try as best as we can to help new students settle into life at Strathclyde by organising freshers events as well as socials throughout the year; all with opportunities to make new friends. We know that due to COVID-19, settling into university will be a bit different this year compared to other years which is why one of our main focuses for this session is to organise events, in accordance with Scottish Government regulations and advice from the University, to help new students engage with their year group and meet others in their department.

We aim to ensure that every member of the society feels supported at university and knows that they are a part of the Strathclyde community



The committee can be contacted by email or via our social media accounts to answer any questions you may have about the society. 

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