Dance4Water is a student-run volunteer project that delivers dance classes to raise money for WaterAid.

Dance4Water (previously known as Salsa4Water) is a society that raises money for WaterAid by teaching dance classes. Everyday, 1400 children around the world die from waterborne infections, as a result of inadequate sanitation and dirty drinking water. Our aim is to put a stop to this, via the formation of 4Water projects all over the world providing affordable services to their peers, whereby they exchange a skill they have, such as dancing or a language, for students donating their money to this cause we believe so strongly in.

After being founded by a group of students from Glasgow University, the work done by Dance4Water and its surrounding projects has been down to an incredibly enthusiastic, hard working, motivated and warm-hearted group of individuals. Our aim is to continue to raise money for WaterAid, while having fun and instigating social responsibility among the student population.

If you would like to know more about our society and classes we teach, check our Facebook page Dance4Water Glasgow or email us on salsa4water@gmail.com.

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