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We Aim to show you how accessible design is in Scotland.
We are the DMEM Society, a student run design based society hosting a variety of events to show you how accessible design really is, though COVID will prevent us from doing a lot, it will not stop us, take a look below for some of our plans this year for the academic year 2020-21.
Plus many more events like these, check out our social media channels for upto date information on what events we are running and when.
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Check out our upcoming events:
T Comp DMEM T-shirt Competition  
28th Sept - 12th Oct  
Unleash your inner fashion designer with the DMEM Society T-shirt design competition. Entries end at 5pm on the 5th October 2020.  
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T Comp Design At Strathclyde  
9th October  
How would like a panel that you could listen too at anytime you like! well wiht the new DMEM Society podcast, Design at Strathclyde you can, with episodes released every 2 weeks.  
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