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Course-related society of the year 2018/19

The EME Society aims to bring together students from all years of the EME course for academic collaboration, technical visits, social events and most importantly for interaction with industry and other academic institutions across the UK.

  • Massive participation - over 80% of EME students are members of the Society.
  • Establishment of an officially recognised Buddy Scheme where 4th and 5th year students help 1st years to adjust to University life.
  • Advice sessions for 1st-3rd years looking to continue Strathclyde's astounding record for Power Academy scholarships.
  • Plans for multiple social and technical visits/events throughout the academic year.
  • Sponsorships from industry leaders
  • Involvement in the IET's new "On-Campus" scheme to boost the professional body's status among students and young/graduate engineers.





Society Constitution

Society Constitution