A society for estranged students to meet, share ideas, and fight for better representation and help for the group!

Are you currently struggling financially or emotionally due to a lack of family support? 
Have you ever been? 

If this rings familiar, you are probably an estranged student. Estranged students are student who, due to adverse circumstances, are now supporting themselves financially or emotionally during their studies. While you might be hesitant to use this 'label', we are encouraging the destigmatising and increasing the validity of our students so that we can fight for funding, counselling, and other opportunities for us. Being an estranged student officially or unofficially has a giant impact on our grades, our health and our future. 

Who is ESOS? 
As estranged students ourselves, our committee knows the hardships this causes. We are Strathclyde students and ex-students who came together for an estrangement panel in the Scottish parliament that aimed to raise awareness about estrangement - and was very successful. We found that simply meeting each other was a great burst of relief. We decided to mobilise that and find the students of Strathclyde to give them the same opportunity

And thus - ESOS was born! 

We know the stigma faced by those who are estranged, the misunderstandng of why your parents aren't helping you when you're nearly homeless, aren't coming to your graduation, why you don't visit or talk, etc. We want to kill that stigma, because the only way for things to get better is to give our cause a voice, both personally and politically.

We aim to improve the lives of estranged students at Strathclyde, starting with you. We'll be posting updates on our society's ongoing development both on the union website and our facebook page. Any members who join will have anonymity through membership on our union webpage and an optional secret facebook group where we can more openly discuss our experiences. We are in close communications with organisations and people who are helping this fight, such as Stand Alone - and we'll be updating you on their developments as well! 

Stay tuned for more updates! Always feel free to contact any member of our team! 

President & founder

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