A Revolution has to start somewhere. 

Rise up past dividing communities in Glasgow and Ulster, form friendships that will last a lifetime. Join us for socials at several great locations that we've established free entry into, community events and fundraisers, pub nights and live music gigs to see all your favourite bands (of all genres not just limited to punk). Trips across the U.K to see popular alternative tourist locations. Punk is an expression of creativity, it isn't limited to just music, it's in your soul. 

If you're an outcast, someone on the periphery of society, a rebel... and are happy to stand out and not fit in

with the constrictions arseholes attempt to pigeonhole you into then you are welcome here.

If not, but are looking for a unique way to approach life you are also welcome.

If you are lost as a person and want open-minded friends then you are welcome here too.

As long as you aren't a total feckin eejit you're welcome.

We have created a collective, a group of people who want to kindle a spirit of community regardless of race, religion, age, gender, sexuality or music taste.



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