We are students who believe in an Independent Socialist Scotland. We are Red Strathclyde.


  • We are an OPEN society - while we are linked to the newly formed Red Party of Scotland our society has inclusivity at its core - membership is OPEN TO ALL who agree with the aims and values as set out in our consitution. There is NO PRESSURE to join the Red Party of Scotland Nationally, although we would love it if you did!
  • We are an ACTIVIST based society - we aim to put socialist THEORY into PRACTICE and achieve real wins for students and workers, on and off campus.
  • We are a FUN society - after a great night at a meeting, debate or attending Student Parliament together we will often head to The Yard or Re-Charge for Pool or a Coffee. 

The Long Version

Red Strathclyde are a Student Society at the University of Strathclyde. We are students who passionately believe in, and campaign for, an Independent, Socialist, Scotland.

Our society is an active political group that seek to both represent the Red Party of Scotland and students on campus. We are not afraid to challenge the status quo, or indeed universitiy itself, in fighting for interests of students and working people across Scotland.

We are an autonomous and self organising group of individuals with a clear democratic structure set out by our constitution. This means that while on the whole we will campaign on key policies of the Red Party of Scotland we will also develop our own policy regarding life at Strathclyde University.

In the upcoming academic year we plan to campaign on both a £10 per Hour Minimum Wage for workers within the Student Union as well as the University, a policy championed by the Red Party of Scotland and the STUC. We also plan to campaign on lowering Student Rents as well as pushing the University to improve mental health services for students.


Upcoming Events

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