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StrathSEDS aims to connect students with an interest in the exploration and development of Space with Scotland's thriving Space Sector.

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What is SEDS?

StrathSEDS is part of the international SEDS student organization founded in MIT 40 years ago. It’s since stretched across the world with branches from America to Nepal.

Undergraduate and postgraduate students from any degree program are welcome to join our society.

We’re proud to celebrate StrathSEDS 10th birthday this year!


What can you gain as a StrathSEDS Member?

  1. You’ll find a close-knit community of like-minded students and friends at StrathSEDS.
  2. You can develop links and network with academics and industry experts.
  3. You’ll be apart of a recognizable, global community of students.
  4. You can stay informed and engaged with past, present and future developments in the Space Industry through news and discussions.
  5. You’ll have the opportunity to gain invaluable transferrable skills through hands-on design, test and build projects.

“The friends that I have made over the past four years at StrathSEDS have shaped much of my university experience. Joining this society in first year gave me a community and incredible opportunities in research, conferences and projects. My time at university wouldn’t have been the same without them”

     - Julie Graham, StrathSEDS President


Our Events:

1. Technical Workshops

Take part in technical workshops that tackle different sectors in the Space Industry! Targeted for practical skills and an understanding of the challenges in Space. Last years workshops included a mini-mars rover challenge, basic rocketry and design your own CubeSat experiment.

** We’re trying our best this year with social distancing to develop some online workshops **

                  Mini-Rover Mars Rover Challenge: Rovers Ready to Race 


2. Hands-On Projects

Gain real world experience working on innovative Space projects assessed and run by industry experts! StrathSEDS gives the opportunity to work on design, test and build projects.

Previous projects include: UKSEDS Lunar Rover Challenge, National Rocketry Championships, REXUS/BEXUS (our founders very first project!) and the CanSat University Challenge (our plans for this year!).

                  CanSat University Challenge 2015: A Successful Launch


3. Presentations

Connect with current events in the Space Industry and research through presentations given throughout the year.

Past speakers organizations include: CERN (one of our very own students after a year placement) , ClydeSpace (StrathSEDS Alumni) , ESA and the University of Strathclyde.

                        A Year In Industry Placement Presentation: CERN


4. Space news & Conferences

Keep engaged with developments in the Space Industry through member updates, debates and discussions. As a UKSEDS branch several Space events run each year, bringing everyone together. Excitingly this year the opportunities to participate in conferences and events as students are out of this world with a switch to the online delivery. We aim to keep you informed of them all!


5. Social events

An essential part of every society. StrathSEDS will not fail to provide some social space events for all!

In the past we’ve had:

  • Quizzes (a particular favorite of the society)
  • Games & movie nights
  • Some study sessions (you’ll be able to get all the invaluable tips from senior students and class mates from home!)
  • Drink Talk Learn
  • and even a scavenger hunt through the university last year.

                        Our StrathSEDS 2019 Scavenger Hunt Champions! 


If this sounds like the society for you sign up for our welcome event right here!