Student Scout and Guide Organisation

Are you or have you ever been a Scout, Guide or interested in meeting up, playing silly games, having fun and making friends? 


The Student Scout and Guide Organisation (SSAGO) is a national non-uniformed organisation that enables you to continue or begin your Scouting or Guiding journey whilst at College or University. There are over 1000 members across the UK, from Aberdeen to Falmouth to Salford to Swansea. As a new club, we get free National Membership so all members will be asked to sign up here to:

At Strath SSAGO, we meet weekly for socials, activities, hikes and camping trips. 

We attend at least 4 National SSAGO events per year across the UK- 3 Rallys (camps) and a ball. As well as this, you will have the opportunity to attend SSAGO events in Ireland, The Netherlands, London and other international Scouting and Guiding Events such as the World Scout Moot in 2021. 

Once joined, you'll recieve a club Necker (neckie/neckerchief),h ave access to the National website and groups, be able to help at ANY National Scouting and Guiding event, have links to local Scouting and Guiding and come along to all Strath SSAGO Events. 


Next Camps: 

16th to 18th October 2020 - Scot SSAGO First Freshers 2020

All the Scottish SSAGOers, as well as many of the northern clubs and Indie members are coming together for a weekend of fun, games and all things Scottish in Edinburgh. Organised by Strath SSAGO and Scottish Indie members, it will be a weekend to remember!  

12th to 15th November 2020 - Southampton Build-A-Rally & Cider Tour

We'll be driving down to a National SSAGO Rally in Southampton! But with a twist, we're leaving a day early, stopping overnight on the way and spending the friday in somerset, doing various Cider Tours! 



All SSAGO clubs have a stealable mascot. Clubs are able to steal mascots at any point, including National events. Once stolen, they are handed to a National Exec member and the club that stole the mascot comes up with a forfeit. The forfeit is then carried out at National Rallys in front of all attending members. 

Previous forfeits include rolling in mud, being covered in custard and downing dirty pints! 

Our mascot is a pink cone called Tennant! 



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