The Strathclyde University Foodbank Society runs food-drives and fundraisers to help our local foodbank in North-East Glasgow! We volunteer both at the centre, the union and around the community.

We believe that no one should be living in food poverty in Scotland in 2020. The Trussle Trust does amazing work running foodbanks across the country, and we do out best to support their North-East Glasgow centre. 

Within this society:

- We aim to collaborate within the university and union to increase student awareness of the existance of foodbanks in our communities, and communicate the vital service they provide.

- We run regular food-drives and events in the university community to facilitate students getting involved.

- We have drop off points around campus to collect donations and are building partnerships with a variety of clubs and societies to maximise our impact.

- We aim to visit the foodbank as regularly as possible to help with any collections, store-organisation or other volunteering needs!

If you would like to get involved,in any capacity, please don't hesitate to get in touch. We would love to have you - mon the foodbanks!