Strathclyde's broad, open, non-party political society for Scottish Independence.

Thousands march for scottish independence in Glasgow – NLN WORLD

Welcome to Strathclyde University Students for Independence!

This society was founded in 2019, though we're still really to get off the ground. While the timing of COVID hasn't been ideal, we hope that once things get back to 'normal' again, we can look forward to some exciting campaigns, events and debates! 

The whole point of the society is that we are NOT attached solely to one party, but while we're non-partisan, we happily consist of representatives from each major independence group within the University. Our Secretary, Calum, is also involved with the running of Strathclyde SNP, while our Treasurer, Adam, is the President of Strathclyde Greens. Our outgoing President, Benn, ran 'Red Strathclyde' before completing his studies, while our new President, Conor, is English; an ex-Labour member; and currently not affilated with any party. We colaborate closely with each pro-independence society within the University and will have a representative from each of the following once they have held their AGMs: Strathclyde SNP, Strathclyde Greens, Red Strathclyde and Common Weal Strathclyde. What is important though is that there is no need for anyone to be remotely political at all - we welcome anyone, so long as you share our common aim.

So, although we all have different visions of what an independent Scotland may look like, we have one goal: a thriving independent Scotland that is welcoming, outward looking and diverse, just like our group and our University. Hope to see you before too long!

Saor Alba!