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A club for students with an interest in photography, wanting to pursue this passion and meet other photographers. Events include day and weekend trips, photo walks, exhibitions, socials and workshops.


It doesn’t matter whether you own the latest camera with an assortment of lenses or a film camera that has survived the test of time or just your trusty smartphone - as long as you enjoy shooting photos, The Strath Photo Club is the place for you! All throughout the academic year, we run a variety of events, including trips to some of the best-looking locations around Scotland, interesting photography workshops for beginners, advanced photographers, and everybody in-between, as well as weekly socials with discounted drinks, free food and great mood.

To learn more about us, continue reading and follow us on our social media, where we regularly share stunning photography created by our members and committee, calendar of the club’s upcoming events and the most up-to-date information.



Covid-19 Update

Due to the current situation, our beloved trips, socials and in-person workshops had to be put on hold for the time being, but we are still determined to give our members the best experience possible. 

We will be holding photography workshops via Zoom, organising editing and photography contests and challenges, teaching tutorials on various photography techniques and much more! We are also considering running some socially-distanced photowalks around Glasgow as well as outdoor workshops, keeping in mind health and safety of our members.



Photowalks, Workshops & Socials

You probably know about the trips we run, taking our members to explore the most stunning locations around Scotland - but did you know that some of the most beautiful places are right here, in Glasgow? That is why we organise photowalks - themed evenings focused on exploring our city. West end during the golden hour, river Clyde with the sun setting in the background, the possibilities of what this city has to offer are endless, waiting right around the corners for you and your camera.

We’ve been regularly running workshops about all topics photography - from introductory workshop aimed mainly at beginners, through ones that focus on film photography and all the fun stuff that comes with it, to interactive ones, such as portraiture or light-painting, where the members not only learn about the techniques, but also have an opportunity to try them out in practice. Workshops like these are excellent place to explore new photography styles, gain deeper insight into photography in general and have tons of fun with like-minded people.

And speaking about having tons of fun with like-minded people, you should definitely come along to one of our socials. Typically held in Bar Home on Tuesday nights, socials are a place where you can come and chat with club members and committee about whatever you want, photography-related or not. And if the promise of a good laugh and great conversation wasn’t enough to persuade you to come, have we mentioned there are discounted drinks and free food for our members?




Members of The Strath Photo Club get exclusive access to trips that will let them explore cities with breathtaking architecture, the stunning nature of Scottish Highlands and so much more! These trips are always filled with beautiful locations, nice people and most importantly - good times. Since we want to make sure everybody can afford to come along, we do everything we can to make the trips as cheap as possible - the prices of our day trips are usually £5-15 and the overnight/weekend trips £20-40.

On top of visiting famous locations in Scotland (and occasionally England), we aim to run an international trip every year, flying with our members to a European city for a wee weekend get-away. So far, we’ve visited Budapest (Hungary) and Berlin (Germany) and we can’t wait to see where we will end up next!



Equipment Rentals

Are you interested in trying out a new camera or experimenting with different lenses than the ones you own? Do you want to try analogue photography but don’t want to commit to buying your own camera just yet? Or maybe you just promised a friend that you’d take a new profile picture for them and realised that your phone camera just won’t cut it - whichever of those is your situation, no need to worry! The Strath Photo Club members can borrow any of our equipment, free of charge.

Besides our trusty DSLRs, our fleet now also includes Canon mirrorless cameras, a 4x5 large format film camera and a pair of 35mm SLRs. If you are interested in borrowing any of those cameras (or any other equipment), just shoot us a message on our Facebook page and we will figure something out!


Proudly Supported by University of Strathclyde Alumni Fund


Club Awards

  • society of the year 2019 - music, media & arts
  • society of the year 2018 - overall
  • society of the year 2018 - most collaborative
  • society of the year 2018 - hobbies and interests
  • society of the year 2017 - music, media & arts
  • society of the year 2014 - hobbies & interests

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