Design, build and test a highly efficient battery electric vehicle for competing in the Shell Eco-Marathon.

The University of Strathclyde Eco-Vehicle team has been established since 2016. Each year the team designs, builds, tests and competes a battery electric prototype vehicle to compete in the European Shell Eco-Marathon.(

The team is completely student led therefore students do everything from team management and sourcing sponsorships to manufacturing and designing the car. There is opportunity to gain experience in different areas and meet students from all engineering courses and even some outside of engineering. USEV attend a number of events throughout the year which provide opportunity for networking. The competition itself changes location within Europe so there's opportunity for travel. 

Skills you can gain and apply while a member of USEV:

  • Solidworks and CAD skills 
  • Communication/ networking skills
  • Website and graphic design 
  • PCB design
  • Welding
  • Carbon Fiber Lay-up
  • Health and Safety assessment

To find out more about our team and ask us questions see our facebook and instagram.


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Sat 26th September

University of Strathclyde Eco Vehicle - First full team meeting 2020
26th September
First full team meeting to discuss current position and plans for the year as well as introducing the new board.
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