Coronavirus (COVID-19) &FAQs

Guidance and support



Response to Covid-19

We at the Union recognise that in light of the Covid-19 outbreak and subsequent goverment measures, additional pressures have been put on many of our student parents who now are juggling their own study needs, with that of their child/children.


Additional Projects

In order to help, we have devised a series of projects we feel may help student parents in this time. These range from a fully packaged online entertainment event which aims to engage your child virtually whilst giving you some time to get on with your own work, to the delivery of physical craft or science resources to allow you internet access while your child/children are entertained offline, to a simple virtual hang out space, where student parents can meet one another and offload a little. We aim to run these events ASAP, but now need to hear from you on what you’d prefer. To learn more about these events, and/or register your interest please click here. N.B. you will also have the opportunity to offer your own idea of a support project for student parents


External Resources

We are also aware of a wealth of support charities and organisations specifically targeted at parents. Below is a list of some of the most relevant. 


BBC 2 Educational Programming

BBC Bitesize have weekly educational programming, which can be accessed online or on your TV through the BBC 2 Channel. This may be useful if you have bandwidth issues. Here is this week’s programming schedule.

* nb if you are struggling to stream any of these programmes live, they can also be downloaded on the Iplayer app and played without an internet signal. Any previously aired episodes can be found here


BBC Digital Study Resources

This can be supplemented by targeted online resources on the BBC Bitesize website, where you can access resources by age range, study level and then subject area.


BBC Parent’s Toolkit

BBC have also pulled together some great resources to help manage your new at home schedule, including looking after your own mental health and being realistic with what you will be able to achieve teaching at home whilst juggling other commitments.


P.E. with Joe Wicks


External Support Charities

Parenting Across Scotland

Parenting across Scotland aims to support families in Scotland in bringing up their children. We do this by providing information and support for parents, carrying out research and influencing policymakers.


One Parent Families Scotland

One Parent Families Scotland aims to enable single parent families to achieve their potential, to reach a decent standard of living and contribute to Scottish society.


Parent Network Scotland

Providing a network of parents who are in a similar position. Their aim is to move away from bombarding parents with information, instead focusing on slowing down and providing meaningful support to families.


Children 1st

Children 1st are determined to continue to keep children safe by providing critical emotional and practical support to children and families through our community services where it is safe to do so. Our Scotland-wide Parentline service, which is offered by phone, online and through email will remain open.



Single Parents, Equal Families

As schools and nurseries across the country close in response to the Covid-19 outbreak, many single parents will be worried about the challenges ahead and the impact on their families.  Gingerbread is calling on the government and employers to consider the circumstances of single parents and support them in this time of crisis.


Father’s Network Scotland

This is the place to connect with organisations, professionals and volunteer groups working with dads and families across the country.


NSPCC – NetAware

Lets keep kids safe online

Support and guidance for parents of children using social media, apps and games online.



We provide a range of services to help and support families across the UK, working with organisations and professionals so that children get the best start in life.