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What is Freshers’ Week?

Run by the University of Strathclyde Students' Union, more commonly known as The Union, Freshers’ Week is your platform to help you launch into University life. You'll already have an idea what student life is all about, but by the end of Freshers’ Week – you'll know. The experience will stay with you for life!

What happens during Freshers’ Week?

We’ll have loads of events from our Students' Union Freshers Fairs, speed meetings and virtual campus tours. This is a chance to find out about societies and sports clubs you may want to take part in throughout your year! Covid-19 is going but isn’t quite gone yet so we will be adhering to Government guidelines on social distancing and our Freshers will reflect that. Our aim is to make this Freshers as ‘in-person’ as possible. We want to invite you into our new building after all! Don't miss out! For the latest updates Like our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Join the Freshers’ Group on Facebook.

Is the Strath Union building open?

Yes! We have opened our brand new Strath Union on 51 Richmond street, Learning and Teaching building. Make sure you come along and try out our new venues and Freshers Events.

Online events?! How will that work?

We will be using the service Zoom for our online events. When you have registered your interest for an event, you will be emailed a link. Upon clicking the link, this will take you onto Zoom and into a waiting room. The event host will then let you in. Still feeling a bit anxious? Check out our Zoom safety Guide.

What about social distancing?

The University has pledged, in the interest of the entire student body,to create a secure and safe campus environment and the Students’ Union will follow these guidelines. This includes: appropriate social distancing, facemasks and ongoing support. For more information about Campus Life, please check the University of Strathclyde website.

Do I have to pay to attend Freshers’ Week events?

Depending on the event. Most Union events will be free! If there is a charge for an event, it will be clearly marked on the event’s page.

How do I get into the events in the Union? IDs and Student Cards.

Students need to bring along ID displaying your date of birth. This is in addition to your student card or the Strathclyde App as neither of these contain your date of birth.

Important Information.

Students need to bring along ID displaying your date of birth. This is in addition to your student card or the Strathclyde App as neither of these contain your date of birth. All Strathclyde Students welcome at all events, students from other unis/colleges must be aged 18 or over. The Union is now fully cashless, this is to help reduce opportunities for the spread of the virus.

How do I sign up for events?

To log in to the Union's website and sign up to events, you must firstly register and update your data preferences with the University. This can be done here.

Who are the Welcome Team and how will I recognise them?

The Welcome Team is a group of volunteers who are here to help and can answer any questions you may have during Freshers! The Welcome Team will generally be hosts for the events during the day.

There are lots of tickets being sold for Freshers’ events on other websites; which one do I choose?

We are the ONLY OFFICIAL providers of tickets for Strath Union Events. Don’t buy tickets unless you are sure you know what you are getting for your money! Some Societies may use other Ticket providers so always check with the Society or Sports Club’s contact. If you are in any doubt an official Welcome Team member, a Strath Union / University of Strathclyde staff member or on our social media.

I’ve still got questions!

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