Welcome To University Of Strathclyde Freshers’ Fortnight!


Freshers’ Fortnight is all about meeting new people, becoming familiar with your new surroundings and of course, having fun!


Run by the University of Strathclyde Students’ Union from the 8th - 22nd September 2018, Freshers’ Fortnight will help you launch into University life and will be the biggest student party of your four or more years at University! You’ll already have an idea what student life is all about, but by the end of Freshers’ – you’ll know! We can guarantee that these will be the best two weeks you’ll ever have at University - the experience will stay with you for life!


This is the official site where you can find all our fun daytime activities and big nights during your first couple of weeks at University. Check back here over the coming weeks for a full list of what's on during Strathclyde Freshers’ 2018.


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