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Guidance and support


We're teaming up with Social Shifters to bring you a competition that's all about changing the world! 

Carousels for Change is a nationwide competition that takes place on Instagram! It encourages changemakers like yourselves to showcase project ideas for solving real social problems.

All you have to do is present your idea in an Instagram post - a Carousel for Change! All University groups are invited to take part, including Clubs & Societies, Action Groups, Reps or as a group of friends.

The best Carousels will be invited to pitch for £500 funding from Social Shifters and FirstPort, as well as shoutouts from us and support from  Strathclyde Inspire and the University’s start-up team to take your idea even further.

In each Carousel, you should present an overview of the issue you're trying to solve, your proposed solution, how you would execute the solution and the impact this will have.

Submit your Carousel

To submit your Carousel, post it on Instagram and tag @SocialShifters @StrathclydeUnion and @StrathclydeInspire.

Last date for entries is 30 April 2021.

Take a look at the full competition brief here (including T&Cs and a Step-by-Step guide).

There's also loads of additional support available to you through the Social Shifters platform, including bite-size videos and guides on finding ideas, planning projects and making budgets and through the University’s entrepreneurship programme, Strathclyde Inspire..

You can sign up to the Social Shifters platform FOR FREE through this unique link.
It's important to use this specific link so that you are linked to the correct University on their platform.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with Social Shifters.

You can also sign up for support from Strathclyde Inspire.

We can't wait to see your Carousels for Change!


What is Social Shifters?

Social Shifters is a non-profit organisation, working alongside the Social Enterprise Institute and our global partners to support social and environmental action and entrepreneurship. We are a global network of next generation leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs. 

We offer a whole host of free resources and a free programme called Steps to Start-up, which will help you develop the knowledge, skills and confidence to launch your world-changing idea.
All Strathclyde students can sign up for free.

What is Strathclyde Inspire?

Strathclyde Inspire is the University's entrepreneurship programme. They can offer support to all Strathclyde students and staff no matter what stage they are at in their entrepreneurial journey - whether that's just exploring the idea of entrepreneurship, creating a business idea, launching or growing a business, or even commercialising research. 

Who can take part in the competition?

This competition is open to all students and student groups at Strathclyde University.

What support is available to me?

There are loads of resources available on the Social Shifters platform! All you have to do is create an account to gain access. You can also get in touch with them directly for guidance on entering the competition.

What happens after the competition?

Social Shifters is working with First Ports Pounds for Purpose initiative which can award  £500 grants to put your ideas from this competition into action!

All Carousels will be reviewed by Social Shifters & First Port and (if they meet the eligibility criteria) will be put forward for the grant funding. There are multiple grant funding opportunities available, and the team at First Port will make the final decision about who they are awarded to.

Even if your Carousel is not selected for funding from Social Shifters & First Port, we would encourage you to seek support in developing your idea further through Strathclyde Inspire.

As the Union, we will collect your submissions and, with your permission, add them to our website for everyone to view. We can also support you in making your idea a reality and garner support from your fellow students! We'll reach out to you on Instagram!