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Strath Union Sustainability

COP26 at Strath Union

The 26th Conference of the Parties, COP26, arrived in Glasgow on October 31st, 2021, and held big climate conversations in Glasgow until November 12th.

Pictured: Lego activities happening around the building during COP26.

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Why was COP26 so significant?
After the Pandemic @ COP26
News from COP26

What does COP stand for?

COP stands for Conference of the Parties; where the United Nations, politicians, governing bodies, and campaigners from all over the world gather to discuss climate change.

Why was COP26 so significant?

In 2015, during the COP21 conference in Paris, the Paris Agreement was committed to by multiple countries in their efforts to tackle global warming and climate change through dedicated, national policies that would reduce emissions. For the first time ever, every country agreed to work together to limit global warming to well below 2 degrees and aim for 1.5 degrees. They agreed that every five years they would come back with an updated plan.

Pictured: Global Day of Action marchers in action.

COP26 was the 5th conference held after COP21 which meant this conference would result in an updated plan. It was also significant because scientists had discovered that current policies would potentially not be quick enough in creating change to limit global warming in the way they thought. They recommended countries must go much further to keep the hope of holding temperature rises to 1.5 degrees alive. This featured heavily across all the discussions held during COP26.

After the Pandemic @ COP26

After The PandemicAfter the Pandemic launched on May 8th, 2020 by Lateral North, Fergus Bruce, and Laura McHard. It asked how communities could both generate ideas and initiate positive change during the Covid-19 Pandemic - how to develop new places and spaces; new systems and new products; and how to tackle both immediate problems and intersecting global challenges like the climate emergency. The initiative’s original aim was to use creativity to ‘rethink, reimagine, and redesign’ Glasgow, Scotland. It now offers an open, supportive platform for people to share ideas for how their communities might ‘build back better' from this very specific moment in time - to make our spaces and places to be greener, more sustainable, and more resilient.

Pictured: Get on with it banner inside of the Union building during ATP takeover.

After the Pandemic is working with the Fair Futures Partnership and a diverse group of global partners, organisations, speakers, musicians, artists, and community groups to deliver ‘After the Pandemic @ COP 26’ - a free and open hub for citizens of everywhere to join the climate discussion beyond the COP26 security cordon. This major fringe event event TOOK place in our very own Strath Union, alongside Universities and International Partners.

News from COP26

Explore all the recapped events at 51 Richmond during the conference:

Youth activist holding banner saying Go Green or No Home

Strath Union COP26 Highlights

Including events and activities at the After the Pandemic Hub in the Union!

Plant-Based Treaty

Strathclyde Students’ Union Endorses Landmark Plant-Based Treaty

Strathclyde Students’ Union becomes the first students’ union in the UK to endorse the Plant-Based Treaty

Strath Union and 'ATP @ COP26' Hub on Day 1

Round up of Day 1 of Strath Union x ATF COP26 events!

Barack Obama arriving on the steps of Strath Union waving to a gathered crowd.

Barack Obama Visits Strathclyde Students' Union

The 44th President of America, Barack Obama dropped in for a quick visit!

Strath Union and 'ATP @ COP26' Hub on Day 4

The round up of all events happening on Day 4!

#GetOnWithIt card wall with 'Stop flying by plane unnecessarily' written on a  card

Strath Union and 'ATP @ COP26' Hub on Day 2

The round up of all events happening on Day 2!



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