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The deadline for 2021/22 Active and Engaged Societies submission is 9th May 2022 at 12pm

Active & Engaged Rewards





- Bronze badge on Strath Union website
- Mention in Societies Newsletter
- Committee Member Volunteer Discount Cards




All Members Registered Online: checks will be made to ensure that members have signed up and paid through your society’s webpage. This will be done by ensuring that these match up to the number of members attending regular activities and the number of members stated in society grant applications. 

Complete Website Page:  Logo and description (including aims and objectives) and links to all active social media added to your society page on the Union website.

Host Welcome Meeting or attend Welcome Fair: Attendance at Welcome Fair or hosting a Welcome Meeting within 30 days of the beginning of Semester 1. If you are a new society, your Welcome Meeting must be held within 30 days of being affiliated by Societies Exec.

Attend 1 GM: At least one committee member to attend one GM or the Societies AGM per academic year. 

1 Committee Member Attended Training and/or a 1-2-1 Induction: One committee member attended ‘New Society Committee’, ‘Finance’, ‘Leadership’, or ‘Conflict Management’ training session, or received a 1-2-1 induction with a staff member within the past 12 months.

Upload Society Constitution to Webpage





- Silver badge on Strath Union website
- Mention in Societies Newsletter
- Committee Member Volunteer Discount Cards
- Post on Strath Union Facebook page
- Immediate £15 added to savings account



- Completed Bronze Criteria

Attend 1 more GM: At least one committee member to attend two GMs/one GM and the Societies AGM in total.

At least 1 more Committee Member Attended Training and/or a 1-2-1 Induction: Two committee members in total attended ‘New Society Committee’, ‘Finance’, ‘Leadership’, or ‘Conflict Management’ training, or received a 1-2-1 induction with a staff member within the past 12 months.

At Least 2 Events on the Union’s Website: This can include your Welcome event, any meetings or regular activities and/or events, either in-person or online





- Gold badge on Strath Union website
- Mention in Societies Newsletter
- Post on Strath Union Facebook page
- Committee Member Volunteer Discount Cards
- Immediate £30 added to savings account
- Mention in All Student Newsletter
- Immediate entry into £500 Prize Draw
- Shortlisted for Best Gold Society of the Year



- Completed Silver Criteria

At Least 1 Community or Sustainability Event: Community examples are involving members of the community with an event, fundraising for charity, performing a service for the community, collaborating with another society, etc. Sustainability examples include a cycle ride, running an online awareness campaign, organising a food waste initiative, attending a sustainable event as a society, etc.

At Least 1 Committee Member Attended Awareness Training: You can choose from our online Unconscious Bias training, Consent & Bystander Intervention, and Beyond the Binary. 

Complete Committee Handover Document 


Check your Active & Engaged Status:

If your society is on all 3 tables, you are a gold society. If you're not on any table, you have not yet achieved any level of active & engaged/need to update your status using the forms below.




Update your Active & Engaged Status:

Once you have completed all the criteria for each Active & Engaged tier you need to submit evidence of this to update your status.

You need to complete each tier sequentially - ie. you need to achieve Bronze before you can achieve Silver, and both before you can achieve Gold

Bronze submission

Silver submission

Gold submission


Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What is Active & Engaged?

The purpose of Active & Engaged is to reward societies who go above and beyond to positively engage with students, Strath Union and the wider community. Societies can become Bronze, Silver or Gold accredited depending on how many criteria they meet across the academic year, and each level of achievement is rewarded with a range of benefits in recognition of the hard work of our committees. 

2. How do I Register/Re-affiliate?

The link to re-affiliate is open between May and September. Societies which have missed the re-affiliation deadline must re-apply as a new society for Societies Exec to ensure that a similar society has not been affiliated in their absence. If you would like to register as a new society or have missed the re-affiliation deadline then please submit an affiliation request to Societies Exec here 

3. How can I check my Active & Engaged status?

The AirTable above shows your society’s status, what criteria points you have completed and which points you still have to complete. 

4. How can I update my Active & Engaged status?

You can update your Active & Engaged status by clicking on the 'Bronze Submission', 'Silver Submission', or 'Gold Submission' links further up this page. 

5. How do I make sure all of my members are registered online?

Just make sure that any student who would like to join your society joins via your webpage and don't collect a list of names online or on paper. This means that you can contact your members without storing personal data, collect your membership fees straight to your society's bank account, and create online events which are set up for members only.

6. How do I hold a Welcome Meeting? 

You can hold an in-person Welcome Meeting by booking a room on campus, which you can request here, or you can hold an online Welcome Meeting. You can use your £45 Welcome Grant on things like quiz prizes, a guest speaker, food and drink...anything that will encourage students to join your society! Make sure to apply for your £45 Welcome Grant here and read our guide to hosting safe Zoom meetings here 

7. How can I add an event to the website?

Check out our video tutorials here to find out how to manage your webpage, and you can find out how to add events to our website in Video Tutorial 3. 

8. How do I know when GMs are scheduled?

You can find out when GMs are scheduled here and can sign up to them here 

9. How can I sign up to committee training and finance training? 

All upcoming general committee training sessions will be scheduled here and all upcoming finance training sessions will be scheduled here.  Please note that a repeat of the sessions will be held monthly and the page will be updated regularly. Click 'book place' at a slot which suits your availability. 

10. How can I sign up for awareness training?

You can book a place to any of our training sessions here. Awareness training includes Consent, Unconscious Bias, Beyond the Binary, Bystander Intervention and SAFEtalk. You can also now take our online Unconscious Bias training at any time! Take the training by clicking here

11. How do I write a constitution?

We have a constitution template which you can download and fill in here. Once you have completed this, please send it to for approval, and then upload the constitution to the resources section of your webpage by following video tutorial 4 here

Please note that the purpose of a constitution is to provide an overview of the purpose and activities relating to your society for future committees. Therefore, your consitution is only required to be completed and uploaded to your web page once unless you choose to make any constitutional changes, in which case these must be voted on at a general meeting or annual general meeting and then re-submitted. 

12. How do I write a handover document?

You can write a handover document in any way that suits your society best, however we do have this handy template that you can download and fill in here. The purpose of this document is to ensure that your next committee is fully prepared to run your society. 


For all other questions do not hesitate to get in touch with any of our support staff or your VP Community at:



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