Strath Union will be moving in to the new Learning and Teaching building this summer!

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This is a really exciting opportunity for Societies as you'll be able run your activites and events in this new state of the art building.



Will societies be able to access belongings in the old building before the move?

Due to the current COVID restrictions access to the old union building is very limited. We're employing a professional moving company to transport items from the old to the new building so you don't need to do this yourself, just let us know what items belong to your society and staff will make sure they are labelled and packed up properly. If you need to access any of your belongings before the move for your society activities or repairs for example, get in touch with us and we will try to make arrangements for this.

What if I don't know what items my society has in storage?

Once we have as much information from societies as possible, staff will start working through the society storage cupboards to identify, label and pack up society belongings. We will share details of any items which have not been claimed by a society, and you'll be able to see if it belongs to your society. 

If you're new to the society this academic year, we understand it will be difficult to know what items are stored in a building which you've not been in this year! You might need to get in touch with previous committee members if an inventory list has not been included in your handover. This is a great opportunity to make an inventory list if you don't have one, to ensure that you can keep track of your society belongings going forward.

How much storage space will be available in the new building?

Storage space in the new building will be limited but we will ensure there is space to store all items that societies need, even if that means finding somewhere else to store your belongings. That said, this is a really good opportunity to de-clutter - even though it's been a very different year, if you haven't needed these items all year, do you really need them going forward?

What will be done with items we don't need anymore?

This will depend what the item is – for example any high value items could be sold to raise some funds for your society. We will recycle and re use as much as we can to avoid waste.  

What about if our items get damaged or got rid of?

As long as you are clear with letting us know which items are yours then they will be labelled and the moving company will insure they don't get lost or damaged.

Are our room booking requests in the new building guaranteed?

At the moment we don't know exactly what spaces will be available for societies to book so we can't guarantee your bookings at this time. We're collecting your requests so that when we have confirmation of the spaces available, we will allocate them to try and fulfil every society's needs. Where there is a clash of requests and no compromise can be found, the booking will be given to the society who submitted the request first. You won't need to submit a booking again if you have submitted your requests already, we will be in touch to confirm your bookings as soon as we're able to, which is likely to be later in the summer.

Will there be an opportunity for committee members to see the new building so that in September we are able to direct members?

Yes, there will be inductions and orientations for all student groups and societies. Further details will be issued closer to the time of opening but we would imagine these taking place during Freshers week (potentially the week before).


If you have any further questions you can contact us at