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Full Blue

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For an individual who has shown a consistent high level of achievement in a particular sport during the season under review. The following information can be used to indicate this:

  • National representation (Age Group/Level)
  • Scottish Student Sports representation (Age Group/Level)
  • Regional/District representation (Age Group/Level)


Background information should be provided that includes representation from previous years.

Full Blues are allowed to wear their medal at graduation, as it is the highest non-academic award the University of Strathclyde can bestow on a student.

Year Name Sports Club
No result
1981-1982 Campbell Murray Karate
1983-1984 Paul McGee Karate
1985-1986 Clive H.D. Mitchell Karate
1986-1987 Graeme Orr Karate
1980-1981 Brian McGuinnees Boxing
1991-1992 Joseph Bradley Boxing
1991-1992 Neil McLaren Boxing
1972-1973 Murray Isaac Judo
1974-1975 Brian McCafferty Judo
1981-1982 Calum Patterson Judo
1981-1982 Alyson Cavery Judo
1986-1987 Kenneth Bell Judo
1988-1989 Gary Connelly Judo
1990-1991 Eduardo Morales Judo
1990-1991 Craig Roberts Judo
1992-1993 Craeme C. Strachan Judo
1987-1988 Vaughan Thomas Caving
1977-1978 Richard Pattrick Hockey
1982-1983 Fergus Harrison Hockey
1982-1983 Richard Handford Hockey

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