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Hall of fame

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Inmense contribution or achievement within sport from a University of Strathlyde graduate. Highest honour bestowed by the Sports Union.


Date Name Sports Club
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2016-2017 Jim Mckenna Volleyball
2016-2017 Claire Queen Golf
2014-2015 Gerry Carr Hockey
2015-2016 Ian Munro Hockey
2014-2015 Dennis Hay Hockey
2014-2015 Lynne McDougall Athletics
2014-2015 Frank Clement Athletics
2013-2014 Craig Pollock Formula 1
2013-2014 John Rutherford Rugby
2013-2014 Di Gilbert Mountaineering
2012-2013 Sandra Dickie Swimming
2012-2013 Cameron Sharp Athletics
2012-2013 Billy Gilliland Badminton
2011-2012 David Mcrae Volleyball
2011-2012 Ian Mclauchan Rugby
2011-2012 Craig Brown Football
2010-2011 Aileen McGlynn Cycling
2010-2011 Bobby McGregor Swimming
2010-2011 Janice Rankin Curling

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