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inside of the union building

Union Entry

All the information about ID, signing folk in and what you need to enter the building!

Check our opening hours to find out when the building is open and view contact information to get in touch with us if you have any questions! Keep up to date by following us on social media


We accept these forms of I.D. to enter the building and buy alcohol:

  • Valid and in date student I.D. / Strathclyde app
  • Valid photographic I.D. including passport or driving license 
  • Young Scot National Entitlement Cards with PASS hologram

A picture of any of these forms of I.D. will not be accepted

Building Sign In


Strathclyde students can sign up to 4 people into the building, this includes students from other Glasgow unis or colleges and non-students.  Guests signed in must be over 18.

Students aged 18 or over from other unis or colleges are welcome, and can also sign 1 guest into the building. However, during busy periods when close to capacity Strathclyde students will have priority for entry.




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