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Clicking the link above will load a pre-composed email to the Principal in your default email application. Feel free to edit the template and add your details at the bottom of the email.

Once you have sent your email to the Principal. Encourage others to do the same. Let's be loud, make our voices heard, and make Jim listen on the case for fee reductions!

This fight includes All of Us - an injury to one student, is an injury to all students.


We Demand Justice for Students!

A Campaign by All Students for All Students


  • What is this campaign?

We Demand Justice for Students! We demand; fee reductions now, an Academic Safety Net (No Detriment 2.0), action to tackle food poverty, and investment in the Disability and Wellbeing Service!

By coming together, as a collective of organised students, we can win these demands and more. The University of Strathclyde must stand up to it's values of being; people oriented, bold, innovative and ambitious, it must deliver for students! It is time to prove that we really are a socially progressive, sector leading institution - and that those are not just words.

  • What is the latest update?

Your VP Welfare, Benn Rapson, is leading the charge on the campaign for tuition fee reductions. Following his email to the Principal earlier in January setting out the case for fee reductions, the Principal has now responded by stating that "tuition fees will remain unchanged...". 

That answer is not acceptable. So it is time to step up the campaign and force the University Executive Team to rethink their position. In response we are launching a Mass Email Drive. Click the link at the top of this page to load a pre-composed email to the Principal, and other members of the University Executive Team, on fee reductions. Make your voice heard and make Jim listen.

At the Strath Union AGM, on the 20th of January 2021, the motion "Demanding Justice for Students" was passed, by 101 votes to 1, stating that the position of Strath Union was the following:

  1. The University of Strathclyde must provide tuition fee discounts, credits, refunds, or a combination of any of these measures, in order to account for the substantial change to the format of teaching this year, for all self-funded fee paying students.
  2. The University of Strathclyde must commit to an Academic Safety Net, similar to the so called “No Detriment Policy” of 2019/20, to ensure that no student is academically disadvantaged because they chose to study this year, instead of any other year.
  3. The University of Strathclyde must introduce support, preferably in the form of direct payments or alternatively food parcels, for all students struggling to access food due to the economic fallout of the Covid-19 crisis.
  4. The University of Strathclyde must boost funding to the Disability and Wellbeing Service in order to further support students whose mental health has been detrimentally affected by the Covid-19 crisis and its many consequences.
  • What happens next?

Students are being encouraged to send emails to the Principal on tuition fees using the link above. It is hoped that by showing the strong demand for fee reductions, the University will agree to enter discussions on the issue - rather than simply right it off. If not however, further steps will be taken.

While the campaign for fee reductions rages on, there have been positive developments in regards to an Academic Safety Net (No Detriment 2.0) with the University actively working with Strath Union on the development of such a policy. Discussions will continue over the coming weeks.

The "Cost of Learning Action Group" is going to take forward the campaign for funding to tackle food poverty amongst students. While the "Mental Health Action Group" is going to take forward the campaign for Mental Health investment. Students are encouraged to get involved in these groups.

  • How do I get involved?

If you would like to become actively involved in the "Justice for Students" campaign - please fill this in:

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