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Guidance and support


Strath Union is working with students from the Management Science to conduct research on issues affecting students.

This year, we are looking at student mental health support and student feedback as part of the Strath Reps Project. Below are two surveys - if you could take the time to complete them, that would be really appreciated. Your feedback could directly affect the work Strath Union is doing.  

1) Student Mental Health Support 
2) Student Feedback - Strath Reps Project


NOTE: These two surveys are designed to gather data to help StrathUnion better perform its role in i) orientating students to mental health services and ii) collecting student feedback through the StrathReps about academic programmes. If you agree to participate, your responses to either of these surveys will be anonymous, and your personal data will be kept confidential. All original data collected through these surveys will be destroyed within 6 weeks after the closing date of the surveys. You have the right to withdraw your data from the survey if you later choose to do so. Please click on the survey link below if you agree to participate.