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Let's Build a Student Tenants Union

A Campaign by the: "Student Housing Action Group"


  • What is this campaign?

Your VP Welfare, Benn Rapson, is working alongside the Strath Union: "Student Housing Action Group", to bring together student tenants across Glasgow. A Student Tenants Union will be a major step towards improving the living conditions of Strathclyde students. It would also be a major asset in the push to tackle sky high student rents. By building the collective power of student tenants we can hold poor providers to account and ensure students get the most for their money.

  • What is a Student Tenants Union?

A Student Tenants Union is an association comprised of and led by student renters themselves to collectively campaign and fight for imrpovements to their own living conditions. In the same way that Strath Union represents students at Strathclyde to the University, a Student Tenants Union represents student tenants, directly to landlords such as private accomodation providers.

  • Why is it needed?

Good question! Your VP Welfare, Benn Rapson, already represents students on matters relating to housing. Equally, the Strath Union Advice Hub has a dedicated team of advisors who can give you advice and support in relation to matters relating to housing. They will both continue to do this! However, a Student Tenants Union would be an additional powerful asset when aiming to improve student housing across Glasgow. By operating on a city wide basis, we can exert additional influence, especially on Private Built Student Accomodation (PBSA) proivders!

  • How do I get involved?

A group of Strathclyde students, as well as students from other Glasgow based institutions, is already laying the ground work for the launch of a city wide Student Tenants Union. By registering your interest in the survey below, you'll be the first to hear when we have details of our launch meeting! If you are super keen you can also join the Strath Union: "Student Housing Action Group" or contact your VP Welfare at:



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