Each year, students are elected to represent different groups. These include liberation groups, faculties and under-represented students. They are here to campaign on your behalf and make change.

Your Non-Executive Officers for 2019/20 are:

Liberation Reps

BAME Rep Disabled Students' Rep LGBT+ Rep Women's Rep
Meryam Shuffaq Gillyan Cullen Vinny Williamson Clodagh Elspeth Halliday


Faculty Reps

Faculty Rep Business Faculty Rep HaSS Faculty Rep Engineering Faculty Rep Science
Savvina Kritharidou Benn Rapson Sophie Gwynne Chelbi Hillan


Non-Executive Officers

Democracy Convenor Interfaith Rep International Students' Rep
Lewis McDermott Alfred Amiolemen Christine Enowmbi Tambe
Mature Students' Rep Part Time Students' Rep Postgraduate Students' Rep
Paul Eweka Brendan Agu Michael-Sam Vidza


To contact your reps, drop a message to strathunion.dem@strath.ac.uk

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