Programme Reps

Nominations for Programme Reps


We are delighted to announce that Programme Rep nominations for programmes beginning in January and  for programmes currently without Programme Reps will open  on 24th January 2022, and close 12pm (noon) on the 31st January 2022. 

How do I take part?

As nominations will take place on the Strathclyde App, you will need to download this in order to nominate yourself or a classmate,and to vote.

What's involved?

Being a Programme Rep involves attending 1-2 Staff Student Liasion Committees, also known as SSLC meetings per semester, which last approxiamitly an hour each. On top of this, you will gather the views and opnions of fellow students on your programme to be able to voice any concerns at these meetings.

What are the best bits?

Make sure to register all the time you spend talking with fellow classmates and attending SSLC meetings at to be eligible for a volunteer discount card, and to recieve a volunteering certificate. Becoming a Programme Rep is an excellent way to get to know more people on your course, gain experience in a representation role, and will look great on your CV!

Keep reading below and throughout the different pages for further information.


Programme Reps (formerly known as class reps) gather the views and concerns of other students in their class and feed them back to the lecturer directly, to the department at Student Staff Liaison Committee meetings (SSLC) and to Strath Union.

Programme Reps work closely with Faculty Reps, ensuring a two way communication to and from students about all issues affecting students’ learning.


Further information is provided in the video: