Celebrations were in full swing at Strath Union on Friday 11th May, 2018 for the 9th annual Teaching Excellence Awards (TEAs).


Providing students the opportunity to celebrate Strathclyde’s teaching force, the awards show how staff have gone the extra mile in delivering learning and teaching across the University.


The nominees were joined by Strath Union’s senior managers and the Student Executive at a special awards ceremony, hosted by Vice President Education Mohammed Muftahu Alhassan.


Teaching staff were nominated in three main categories:

  • Most Supportive Teacher Award - This recognises staff putting incredible effort into supporting students throughout their studies.

  • Most Innovative Teacher - This celebrates methods of helping students with relevant course materials, while encouraging engagement of coursework outside of the classroom.

  • Most Enthusiastic - This shows the incredible passion they provide for the student’s subject areas, as well as bringing their course to life.

The winner of this year's Overall Best Teacher was awarded to Steven Ford (Strathclyde Institute of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences) for their engagement and guidance towards students and their subject.


The full list of winners can be seen here. You can also find the full list of nominees can be found here.


Overall Best Teacher Award winner, Steven Ford, said: "It was great to be nominated for this award and it’s even better to win it. But if I’m honest have no idea why I have been nominated, nor won this award; as I am just a small part of a much bigger picture.


"Students learn best when lots of other stuff happens right: the technology performs, the laptop works, the timetabling is right, the course admin is correct, the equipment and chemicals are all in the lab at the right time. Here, it is my colleagues who play key roles in the overall educational outcome. I see myself as just ‘the person at the front’.


"I also think a good teacher needs a good class. A good class is more important than a good teacher because students who actively engage and critique poor teaching material or methods can learn more than a class who don’t engage with excellent material from an excellent teacher. If I am a teacher who teaches effectively, it is because I have good students and great colleagues. On behalf of my great colleagues and my good students, thank you for this award."


Vice President Education, Mohammed Muftahu Alhassan, said: “The Teaching Excellence Awards is always a highlight in Strath Union’s calendar, as it allows us - and the students - to show appreciation towards the University’s hard-working and dedicated teaching force.


“The shortlist really does reflect on the extra effort lecturers and tutors provide for students with additional support needs; bringing subjects to life and really engaging with them to give students the world class teaching Strathclyde is proud of.


“Huge congratulations to of this year’s nominees. Their work has certainly set a very high bar for next year’s awards.”


Best Overall Teacher

Winner: Steven Ford



John Levine

Caroline Verdier

Susan McCool

Phil Taylor


Most Enthusiastic

Winner: John Levine



Steven Ford

Phil Taylor

Francesca Perazio

Thomas McAlinden


Most Supportive

Winner: Alan Blake



Laura Kelly

Susan Rasmussen

Susan McCool

Shona Blair


Most Innovative

Winner: Mike Murray



Caroline Verdier

Conor McBride

John Levine

Steve Kelly


Best Student Tutor

Winner: Adeline Castelnaud



Frederick Norwell Forsberg

Ikedinechi Ogamba

Jacob Hay

Brian McMillan


Best in Faculty – Science

Winner: Hillary Carswell



Christine Dufes

Tell Tuttle

Paul Hoskisson

Ian Towle


Best in Faculty – Business

Winner: Phil Taylor



Shona Blair

Niall McKenzie

Aviel Cogan

Thomas McAlinden


Best in Faculty – Engineering

Winner: Matthew Cartmell



William Nicholls

Elsa Joao

Ashleigh Fletcher

Michael Murray


Best in Faculty – HaSS

Winner: Noemie Jollet



Caroline Verdier

Alan Blake

Susan McCool

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