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Nominations are now open for the Strathclyde Teaching Excellence Awards 2019. You can nominate the same person for multiple categories, however this must be carried out through separate nominations. If you have any questions contact strathunion.rep@strath.ac.uk.


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Teaching staff can be nominated in three main categories:

  • Most Supportive Teacher Award - This recognises staff putting incredible effort into supporting students throughout their studies, providing genuine encouragement and actively engaging with students.

  • Most Innovative Teacher - This celebrates lecturers who use original and creative methods of teaching to introduce new ideas and have an authentic and cutting edge outlook on learning.

  • Most Enthusiastic - This identifies the extraordinary passion lecturers provide for the student’s subject areas, as well as bringing their course to life.

We also recognise the contributions students who tutor and non-teaching support staff make to your time here at Strathclyde and have two categories you can nominate them in:

  • Best Student Who Tutors - This category recognises PhD students who run tutorials, labs or seminars, helping students consolidate their learning outside of lectures.

  • Best Non-Teaching Support Staff - Staff with no involvement in teaching can still have an impact  on your learning experience. A helpful librarian, department staff or those who provide technical support are just some of the staff that could be recognised.


The winner of last year's Overall Best Teacher was awarded to Steven Ford (Strathclyde Institute of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences) for their engagement and guidance towards students and their subject.


Overall Best Teacher Award winner, Steven Ford, said: "It was great to be nominated for this award and it’s even better to win it. But if I’m honest have no idea why I have been nominated, nor won this award; as I am just a small part of a much bigger picture.


"Students learn best when lots of other stuff happens right: the technology performs, the laptop works, the timetabling is right, the course admin is correct, the equipment and chemicals are all in the lab at the right time. Here, it is my colleagues who play key roles in the overall educational outcome. I see myself as just ‘the person at the front’.


"I also think a good teacher needs a good class. A good class is more important than a good teacher because students who actively engage and critique poor teaching material or methods can learn more than a class who don’t engage with excellent material from an excellent teacher. If I am a teacher who teaches effectively, it is because I have good students and great colleagues. On behalf of my great colleagues and my good students, thank you for this award."


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