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Welcome to Strathclyde 2020!

We are bold, we are friends, we are students: Be part of it!


We can't wait to welcome / welcome you back to Strathclyde next semester!

We look forward to kicking off our Welcome month from the 14th of September to the 14th of October with a wide range of meetings and activities to help you ease into uni life. We'll be following Government guidelines carefully and working with the University to make sure what we do is safe, and we'll make sure you can take part whether you are with us in person or joining us remotely.



So!  You’ve completed your UCAS, smashed that interview, received your acceptance letter and here you are!  Uni… Normally at this time, we’d be welcoming you through our doors for a number of events, interactions and information sessions.  New pals aplenty and the, eh, occasional night out.  Alas, in the current state, this is not to be…  We remain ever hopeful though!  That said, we are the Strathclyde Students' Union.  So what does that mean?  What do we do? 

Let us explain:

We are fun
We have over 206 Clubs & Societies which means that there is something for absolutely everyone!  Make new pals with similar interests and grow your Strath social circle.   

We are Strathletes
Into Sports?  Head over to the Sports Union section of our website and get more information about the vast array of clubs we have on offer.  

We are the voice
Have a problem in class?  Academic issues?  Strathclyde Union is the home for all of your Student Representatives.  We want to make sure that your issues are heard and taken seriously.  Speak to your Rep and get that conversation going.  You’re not alone.  Feel you have something to say?  Become a rep!

We are leaders
Your Student Executive team are elected members of the student body who work full time on key issues to make your lives better!  Working with the University, they are a direct line of contact for change at a higher level.  Want to know more?  Drop them a line.

We are opportunities
We want you to be the best you can be!  Providing additional training, CV tips and tricks, volunteer positions and of course living-wage-approved employment opportunities!  

We are here for you
Look… everyone struggles sometimes and that’s totally fine!  Need a hand with some academic work?  Rent or financial issues?  Just need some life advice?  Feel free to contact the fabulous team at your Advice Hub.  Happy to help, knowledgeable and just awesome.

We are a community
We have our doors (metaphorically at the moment) open to all students! There are specific associations for Mature and Post-graduate students, so you have support on your return to higher education.   

We are living the #Strathlife
New for 2020!  We have just launched our student-led news section, Strath Life.  We want your stories, your thoughts and all things Strath Life!  Also featured are a variety of deals and discounts so you can save some money.  #Studentlyf

We are nights out (and in!) 
Ah the Union… For those who don’t know anything else about us, one thing you certainly know is the immortal phrase; “Fancy the Union for a pint?”  We miss it, you miss it and hopefully, we can get things back to normal soon.  Just so you know, The Union is a suitable venue for all kinds of events and activities, from lunch in our cafes to a drink after work.  Poolhall, large spaces for gigs and clubs and loads of other places to socialise or study.

As always, we'll release our plans as soon as we can - so keep an eye on our social media channels for the latest information. If you don't follow us already, then make sure you use the links below...

If you're new to Strathclyde, join our official Strath Union Welcome 2020/21 group on Facebook, so you can start to meet other new students coming to Strathclyde.

This year is going to be great, and we have lots of new things planned to help you settle in, meet lots of people, and have some fun.


We hope you're excited to join us / come back to Strathclyde and remember we're here with you every step of the way. If you have any questions, feel free to DM us, or send us an email to

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What's On

What's On
Buchanan Galleries: Student Festival Fortnight
21st September - 4th October
Two weeks of offers and your opportunity to discover the best of Buchanan Galleries, Glasgow.
Social | Freshers
Postgraduate Quiz
24th September
Social | Freshers
Welcome - Cocktail Masterclass
24th September
Join Rose for an evening of cocktails and dreams
Social | Freshers
Welcome Netflix Watch Party
27th September
Social | Freshers
Welcome Escape Room
27th September
Social | Freshers
BusinessV Hass Quiz
29th September
Social | Freshers
Volunteering for Employability
30th September
Come along to find out how to make sure your volunteering is helping your employability!
Workshops | Freshers
Strathclyde University Goes Virtual
1st October
Gather your squad and join us for a virtual freshers event like no other – virtual doors at 7.30pm, the party starts at 8pm.
Social | Freshers
Intro to Campaigning at Strath Union!
2nd October
Online Meeting
Find out how to get involved in Campaigning at Strath Union!
Workshops | Freshers
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Virtual Fair

15 September 2020 10:00


  • What is a Virtual Fair?

    Our Virtual Freshers Fair will allow you to check out the Clubs and Societies we have at Strathclyde, virtually meet your Student Exec, join in on the best competitions and take home some incredible deals and discounts.

Take Me To Virtual Fair


  • Run by the University of Strathclyde Students' Union, or more commonly known as The Union, Welcome is your platform to help you launch into University life. You'll already have an idea what student life is all about, but by the end of Welcome – you'll know. The experience will stay with you for life!

  • Due to the nature of Covid–19 and the anxiety surrounding this, we are opting for a predominantly online delivery of this Welcome to our new students! However, we are extending the period of this Welcome to get you all comfortable with your new life at Strathclyde. Between September 14th to mid October we’ll have loads of events from speed meetings, club nights, and virtual campus tours. This is a chance to find out about clubs, societies and sports you may want to take part in throughout your year! Don't miss out! For the latest updates Like our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Join the Welcome Group on Facebook.


  • Currently, the Union Building is closed until further notice. We will update all students once we reopen, so please keep an eye out on our website, social channels and emails.

  • We will be using the service Zoom for our online events. When you have registered your interest for an event, you will be emailed a link. Upon clicking the link, this will take you onto Zoom and into a waiting room. The event host will then let you in. Still feeling a bit anxious? Check out our Zoom safetyGuide.

  • The University has pledged,in the interest of the entire student body,to create a secure and safe campus environment and obviously the Student Union will follow these guidelines. This includes:appropriate social distancing, facemasks and ongoing support. For more information about Campus Life, please check the University of Strathclyde websitehere.

  • Depending on the event. Union events during the day will generally be free! If we are able to open the building for evening events then there may be a charge for entry to the building in the evening.

  • To login to the Union's website and sign up to events, you must firstly register and update your data preferences with the University. This can be doneHere.

  • The Welcome Team is a group of volunteers who can help answer any questions you may have during Freshers. The Welcome Team will generally be hosts for the events during the day and for Virtual Fairs.

  • We are the ONLY OFFICIAL providers of tickets for Strath Union Events. Don’t buy tickets unless you are sure you know what you are getting for your money! Some Societies may use other Ticket providers so always check with the Club or Society contact. If you are in any doubt, ask us on Social Media, an official Welcome Team member/member of Union Staff from or the University of Strathclyde.

  • If you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can get, you can get in touch via

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