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Below you will find a list of resources designed to support Widening Access students at Strathclyde. There are a mix of external links, Union led initiatives and University support.  
N.B. If you are care experienced and/or estranged (CE/E) we recommend reading the EaCES handbook to give you a fuller picture of the support available to CE/E students nationwide.

Pilot Project Micro Grants

Widening Access Pilot Project Micro Grants


To mark our commitment to providing support, and improving the student experience of all our Widening Access (WA) students at Strathclyde, Strathclyde Students’ Union are launching a brand new Pilot Project Micro Grant Scheme. This scheme will allow any WA individual or society to apply for a micro grant of up to £200* to help deliver a project or support plan aimed at improving the student experience of WA students. This is an opportunity for you to try something new and/or make that change you’d love to see.


*larger amounts will be reviewed on a case by case basis. 

All projects will be eligible for an additional £100 flat rate stipend paid to the main applicant(s). Further detail below.


please note: this fund is for new and unique projects. 

For societies seeking general funding for events, the Societies Exec Grant may be more suitable. If in doubt, please feel free to email: for clarification.



The deadline will be rolling. However, you will be expected to complete your first project and submit your evaluation surveys before being granted funding for your next project. 


How it works

Any individual or society who is from one of our WA groups can submit a proposal for micro funding for a project of their choosing. Grants will range between £50 - £200 and must demonstrate how they would provide support or improve the student experience for WA students at Strathclyde. Applications for amounts higher than £200 will be reviewed on a case by case basis. 



Our currently accepted WA communities are as follows:

  • Care Experienced
  • Student Carer
  • Estranged
  • Mature
  • First Generation
  • Refugee or Asylum Seeker
  • Student Parent
  • From an SIMD 20/40 background

If you are unsure if you fall into any of these categories, or feel there is a category missing, please visit our Widening Access pages for more information, or get in contact


Application process

Prospective applicants are required to complete an application form detailing the purpose of their project, a proposed timeline and a detailed budget. All those in receipt of an award must also submit a final evaluation of the project.

All submitted applications will be judged on the impact they have on the WA student body, the uniqueness of the project and the type of support provided. This can either be a deep impact on a small group, or a lesser impact on a larger cohort. 


What costs will you cover?

We will cover all costs associated with the project. These may include equipment hire or purchase, virtual space rental i.e. for a virtual escape room or similar, cost of refreshments etc. All projects must comply with current Covid-19 restrictions.

The Students' Union is aware that many students from WA backgrounds are already juggling a lot of other commitments, including working part-time to fund their studies. For this reason, each application is also eligible for an additional £100* stipend (not included in the £200 max budget cost). This is to ensure we fairly compensate you for your time and effort in organising and delivering your chosen project.

*the stipend will be delivered in the form of a voucher. Retailers include Amazon, supermarkets and any Union shops. You will be able to decide which voucher you’d prefer.

In the case of a society applying for funding, this stipend will be divided amongst the number of people applying. The stipend will be a flat rate of £100 per project. Non exec officers are also eligible to apply, but please note, due to already receiving an honorarium, no stipend will be included in the funds granted.

All micro funding recipients will be supported by Strath Union’s Access and Participation Coordinator. 



Should you need any more information, or wish to have an informal discussion about this opportunity, please email



Apply here!


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