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We urge all members to take out their own personal injury policy. Obviously there is inherent risk in undertaking any sport but please ask questions of yourself when thinking about taking part in your sport, like if you were to lose the use of a limb how would that affect your career prospects? If you are studying for Engineering for example and you lost the use of a hand that could be detrimental to your studies and eventual career path. For a relatively small annual fee you can take out your own personal injury and accident insurance that will cover you should the worst happen.


personal accident

Should you not have your own cover the Sports Union has a basic Personal Injury policy for affiliated Sports Clubs and registered members. Please treat this as a back up as benefits are not significant; we recommend you take out your own policy or check if you are on your family’s policy.



Email the Sports Union at the earliest opportunity if you need further information on the scheme or would like to initiate a claim. You will be asked to complete a claim form and return it to Endsleigh Insurance which we will help you with.

Please contact Abby Irvine (Sport Manager)

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