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What do I need to join?

  1. sports union membership

    This is a flat fee for the academic year (or semester) which goes directly back to the club to fund various club activities and operations, including: Personal accident and public liability insurance; Coaching fees, competition entry and transport costs, club equipment and external facility hire. N.B. The membership price will include an extra cost toward booking fees.

  2. sports club bolt-on fee

    Many clubs also charge a joining fee for the year which is used to subsidise additional sport specific costs. This fee is charged on top of the Sports Union membership and again, goes directly back to the club and participants taking part in our activities. N.B. The membership price will include an extra cost toward booking fees.

  3. facility access

    Members participating in clubs who train who train the University’s £31m Strathclyde Sport facility are charged a pay-as-you-go facility fee of £4 to access each session (card payments only). However, if you are a member of Strathclyde Sport gym you do not need to pay this fee and can access for free. To join Strathclyde Sport please visit the University website here. No fees apply to clubs who train at Stepps Playing Fields.

How much does the membership cost?

Under/Post Grad - £30 Summer - £10 Staff/Alumni - £40

Once you are a member of the Sports Union you will be able to join any of our high-quality Sports Clubs. By submitting your details, please be aware that the Union will treat your data in accordance with the Students’ Association Privacy Policy at Please make sure you read the Sports Union Code of Conduct before joining.




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