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Cricket Returns to Strathclyde as a Club Sport

The Sports Union is excited to announce that cricket is now back as an associate sports club


The newly revived Cricket club is currently offering recreational indoor cricket to it's members. Training sessions run every Friday, 3 to 5pm,  in Strathclyde Sport halls.  The club is planning to launch outdoor cricket sessions in the Spring.


The cricket club committee consists of Club President Rahul Sharma, Secretary Rohit Arora, Treasurer Varun Salaria and Social Media/Wellbeing Officer Sanskar Sareen. 


Club President Rahul Sharma said "Our motivation for forming the club was to ensure that the sport gains the recognition it deserves and those who had requested it received the oppountiy to play".  He continues, “We have all grown up playing cricket and have bonded over the game. Cricket is like a religion to us back home in India.”


Rahul, Rohit and Varun met on their course. They are enrolled in the MA Business Administration course with the Strathclyde Business school. They quickly bonded over their shared love for cricket and se out to form an associate cricket club with the support of the Strathclyde Sports Union. Sanskar Sareen, an undergraduate student at Strathclyde, was later brought on as social media and wellbeing officer.


Rahul has played cricket professionally for Hyberabad at the state-level in India. In addition to running the Strathclyde Cricket club, he plays for the West Scotland cricket club in Glasgow. 

Secretary Rohit also has played cricket at the state-level in India and is now registered with the Hillhead Cricket Club. Treasurer Varun is registered with Milingavie Cricket Club. 

“Our main goal this year was getting the club on its feet, creating an environment which is inclusive. In India cricket is regarded as a ‘gentleman’s sport’. However at Strath we want everyone to feel welcome despite their skill level” said Varun.

“We even hope to gain more interest from female students to form a women’s team/club.”


It has been 6 years since the Sports Union had a formal cricket club and we are happy it’s back. Our clubs are primarily student-led and it has been a huge undertaking of the cricket committee to organize.  The club held their first rec session in February. 

“The session went extremely well! Cricket is played between 22 people, 11 aside, and we had 35 people turn up so we were more than happy with the turnout. As expected players got very competitive, but we all had alot of fun” said Rohit.

“We’ve successfully launched indoor cricket training and plan to have outdoor sessions running in April.”


To support the formation of the new club, the Sports Union has sponsored an outdoor pitch for the club to play on starting in April. 


Cricket Club Membership Sign Up 

In order to become a member of the Cricket club, you must be first registered with the Strathclyde Sports Union. Click here to register.

To visit the cricket club page, click here.

Instagram - @strath_cricket 


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