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Nominations open for 2024/25 Sports Executive


Sports Union members have until noon on 22nd March to nominate themselves for the 2024/25 Sports Executive team.

Our Sports Executive is a team of volunteers that work directly under the Sports President, with an array of workstreams to support the ongoing development of the Sports Union. Getting involved gives you the opportunity to experience student sport behind the scenes and be part of the bigger picture in the opportunities we aim to provide the student body through physical activity, wellbeing and sport. It is also an opportunity to enhance your work experience gained whilst at university, by applying and developing skills such as leadership, organisation, communication, problem solving, budget management, and team work.

Below is a brief summary of our eight positions and their functions:

  • Vice Sports President - Deputising for the Sports President in their absence and driving forward the Sports Union inclusion agenda.
  • Awards Officer - Supporting the annual awards process for the Sports Awards Ball.
  • Events Officer - Supporting the development and delivery of a calendar of events based upon the interests of the sports club membership.
  • Finance Officer - Supporting the financial management of all affiliated sports clubs.
  • Governance Officer - Supporting the administration of club development and enhancing the 'ClubScore' initiative.
  • Inclusion Officer - Supporting the drive of the Sports Union Inclusion agenda through campaigns, training and education.
  • Publicity Officer - Supporting the publicity and marketing of affiliated sports clubs.
  • Wellbeing Officer - Supporting the implementation and promotion of health and wellbeing campaigns, projects, and training and education.


We put the following questions to our 2023/24 Sports Executive, to provide you with some insight on their experience this year, and why they got involved in the first place.

Question 1: Why did you nominate yourself for Sports Exec 2023/24?

"I wanted to be more involved in the SU and get a better understanding of how the finances work. I also got an insight into the role from the previous officer before applying which made me more interested in the position and its responsibilities" (Sophie Shepherd, Finance Officer)

"I wanted to be more integrated into the sports community and gain insight into how it works. I also wanted the opportunity to give back to the sports community which has given me a fantastic student experience during my time at Strathclyde" (Alice Waren, Vice-President)

"I had been wellbeing officer in 2022/23 and really enjoyed the experience.  From the work associated with the role, I really wanted the chance to continue in the same role for another year to progress with some key areas of work" (Scott Reeves, Wellbeing Officer)


Question 2: Has being on the Sports Exec been what you expected? Tell us why?

"It's been even better than I expected! I spent the majority of my time at Uni involved in only one club and didn't branch out as much as I could have. Being on sports exec has given me opportunities to get involved with other sports and meet people I otherwise might not have come across" (Anna Edvaldsson, Events Officer)

"Honestly, yes and no.  Last year I knew quite a few of the members on exec so I had a bit of an insight to it in a sense, however I never fully appreciated how much the roles mean to each and every exec member until I was in it" (Rachel Brogan, Inclusion Officer)

"It has been better than expected, I’ve met a lot more people than I anticipated and have been able to get a lot more exposure to all of the Sports Union clubs" (Scott Reeves, Wellbeing Officer)


Question 3: What is your one main take away from your experience on Sports Exec?

"It's been a fantastic opportunity to form new friendships and develop new skills" (Alice Waren, Vice-President)

"This time last year I was comparing it to a committee role just on a larger scale but it’s so much more than that. You get to make what you might consider a small change and see the big impact it has, so my biggest takeaway is don’t underestimate how much the role can mean to yourself and others" (Rachel Brogan, Inclusion Officer)


Question 4: If you were to give one piece of advice to anyone considering nominating themselves for Sports Exec 2024/25, what would it be?

"There’s a good group to support whichever role you go for. I’d recommend reaching out to this years exec on any position to have a better idea of the roles tasks" (Sophie Shepherd, Finance Officer)

"The role is what you make of it and I encourage anyone with a passion for sport to put themselves out there to explore the opportunities that the experience gives you, as an individual, and as a community" (Alice Waren, Vice-President)

"To just get stuck in! The roles are what you make it so when you completely buy into them, you gain so much from it. I had so much fun as events officer this year and I'm so grateful for the experience so if you're thinking of running, go for it!!" (Anna Edvaldsson, Events Officer)

"To not take it so seriously and have fun with it. It’s a wholesome experience, so take the time to enjoy it!" (Scott Reeves, Wellbeing Officer)


We asked Molly McHugh (2023/24 Sports President) why the Sports Executive is beneficial for the Sports President in their role, as well as for the Sports Union as a whole. She told us,

“The Sports Exec is a great opportunity to develop your skills, meet people from different clubs and work closely with the Sports Union staff. During my time on Exec and this year as Sports President, I have learned just how valuable the Exec is to the running of the SU.

Alongside their specific roles, the Exec are always on hand to help out and having this group of dedicated volunteers has made my year much easier! From running events, helping with random tasks and even being Strathosaurus, being on Exec is a fantastic way to learn about the Sports Union and develop your skills!”


If you’re interested and want to get in touch with our current Sports Executive team to find out more, find their details here.


The below schedule details key dates of the 2024 Sports Executive Elections.



6th March, 12:00

Nominations open

22nd March, 12:00

Nominations close - candidates and manifestos published

26th March, 17:00

Voting takes place during Sports Union AGM


Final information for you to consider:

  • Candidates must:
  • Hold a 2023-24 membership of the Sports Union
  • Be a current student during the academic year in office (e.g. 2024-25)
  • Be nominated for one role
  • Be nominated and seconded by two current Sports Union members
  • All member Sports Clubs of the Sports Union will receive one vote for each of the positions. 
  • The use of proxy votes in any Sports Union election shall not be permitted
  • Withdrawals must be submitted to the Sports President email using only the candidate's University of Strathclyde student email account.

Visit our Sports Elections page on our website for further information and to submit your nomination.


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