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StrathActive Staff Wellness Day

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On Thursday 9 March, StrathActive will host a Staff Wellness event from 12-1 pm at Strathclyde Sport as part of University Mental Health Day 

The well-being of students, faculty and Sports Union staff is a top priority of the Sports Union. Following the theme of last week’s Wellbeing Week, StrathActive initiatives this week will be organised for faculty and staff.

The UK Chief Medical Officer recommends adults engage in physical activity for at least 150 minutes every week. 

Physical activity enhances mental health and wellbeing with improved cognitive function, improved confidence and self-esteem and reduces anxiety, stress and depression.


What to look forward to!

Grab your sneakers and join us at Strathclyde Sport Sports Hall 2, from 12 - 1 pm, for your choice of Badminton, Indoor Tennis, Table Tennis and more! 

After a few rounds of fun, we will have a tea & coffee social outside of Sports Hall 2. 

Studies have shown physical activity and sports to support not only individual health but group cohesion and performance in the workplace, as well as organisational benefits such as increased work performance.



StrathActive is a free health programme for university faculty and students which delivers initiatives for participants to engage in fun physical activity.

StrathActive is brought to you by the Sports Union in partnership with Strathclyde Sport and the Strath Union. 

For more information, click here. 


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