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Wellbeing Week 2024

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Wellbeing Week is one of our favourite Sports Union initiatives offered to students and staff.

From February 26th to March 1st, we organised fun, stress-relieving and most importantly free, activities to help students and staff cope with life at university. 


Here is our recap of Wellbeing Week 2024!

Monday we hit the ground running with the Ultimate Sports Day in the Strathclyde Sports hall. Students got the chance to play Dodgeball, Rounders alongside sampling Sitting Volleyball for the first time at Strathclyde.

On Wednesday it was time to slow down and breathe. We held morning yoga sessions in the dance studios for all our early risers.

On Thursday we closed out Wellbeing Week with a returning favourite, UV Sport, in the sports halls.


Lifestyle consultations 

The Sports Union partnered with Strathclyde Sport to provide a new service during Wellbeing Week! Free lifestyle consultations were available to students and faculty members.

What is a Lifestyle Consultation?

A one-on-one consultation to discuss any lifestyle adjustments students want to make. Whether they needed help with nutrition, sleep, or adding physical exercise to their schedule, we helped students establish a weekly activity plan to implement these changes.


Why do we put on Wellbeing Week?

Health and well-being are important pillars for the Sports Union and we remain dedicated to supporting all students and faculty.

We understand that university can be hectic and a lot to manage. Wellbeing Week serves as a reminder to take some time out of your busy schedule for yourself. Whether that is to exercise, learn something new, or spend time with a friend or loved one, taking a break when necessary is most important.


Hear From Your Peers

When it comes to initiatives like Wellbeing Week, we love nothing more than to hear your feedback.

Here is what your peers had to say about Wellbeing Week 2024:

“I attended the UV volleyball sessions and even though I have never played the sport, I did enjoy it! I returned from the session feeling energised and enjoyed a laugh with others when we cleaned off the face paint.

It was a different and fun way to spend my lunch break! I’ve always thought Wellbeing Week was a good time to try something new. In the past, I’ve tried line dancing, karate, hula hooping and jewellery making. For me, the social aspect is just as important as the physical!”

 - Faculty participant


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