Sports woman of the year


For the female who has performed to the highest level during the season under review. This is one of a kind honour awarded once a year by the Awards Committee.

Year Name Sport Club
No result
2016-2017 Mhairi Patience Athletics
2015-2016 Rachel Houston Canoe
2014-2015 Louise Revell Canoe
2013-2014 Joanne Pettit Netball
2012-2013 Jess Liddon Shooting
2011-2012 Rosie Young Rowing
2010-2011 Emma Nutall Athletics
2009-2010 Megan Briggs Golf
2008-2009 Sarah Macintyre Curling
2007-2008 Sarah Macintyre Curling
2006-2007 Sarah Macintyre Curling
2005-2006 Alison Rodger Athletics
2004-2005 Sara Whigham Athletics
2003-2004 Clare Queen Golf
2002-2003 Clare Queen Golf
2001-2002 Clare Queen Golf
2000-2001 Lisa Whigham Athletics
1999-2000 Lindsay MacNeill Athletics
1998-1999 Kirsty Roger Athletics
1997-1998 Nicole Scott Athletics